Emergency Closing and Information

Occasionally, the University is confronted by the need to close because of inclement weather or for other reasons beyond the University's control. Such closings are normally announced through the major radio stations in New York City and Westchester County. You can also call the Pace Events Phone (PEP) for school closing information.

Although classes are planned to commence and conclude on the dates indicated in the academic calendar, unforeseen circumstances may necessitate adjustment to class schedules and extension of time for completion of class assignments. Examples of such circumstances may include faculty illness, malfunction of University equipment (including computers and or networks), unavailability of particular University facilities occasioned by damage to the premises, repairs or other causes, and school closings because of inclement weather. The University shall not be responsible for refund of any tuition or fees in the event of any such occurrence or for failure of a class to conclude on the date originally scheduled, nor shall the University be liable for any consequential damages as a result of such a change in schedule. Special announcements regarding closures for any reason may be found through the Pace Web site www.pace.edu and MyPace portal. You can also call the Pace Events Phone (PEP) for school closing information. New York: (212) 346–1953 Westchester: (914) 773–3398

Emergency Contact Information

If, for reasons of extended illness or family emergency, you must miss classes, you may contact the Office of Academic Advisement in your school to notify professors and for assistance in obtaining missed assignments. A parent or relative may, in extreme emergency, need to contact you at the University. In such cases, your relative may contact the Dean for Students Office during the regular work day or the Evening Administrator, after 4:00 p.m. See sections Dean for Students Office and Evening Administrator/Information Centers for contact numbers.

Security Telephone Numbers