Auxiliary Costs for Programming

Auxiliary Costs for Programming

Educational Media
All requests for service outside of these business hours will incur a cost of $20.00 per hour for the work to be rendered. All service that is provided during these business hours will not incur any cost.

4 hrs minimum at $40.00 per hour
In addition to the minimum charges there will be a mileage charge added to the total cost according to the type of vehicle used.
Bus $1.35 per mile—(32, 39, 40 passenger capacity)
Small Bus $1.10 per mile—(20 passenger capacity)
Van $0.75 per mile—(11 or less passenger capacity)

Document Services
Size: Any Size with Black & White print: $.03 per copy
Any Size with Color print:               $.50 per copy
Brochure:  color:                        $.50 per side
Black & White:                           $.03 per side

Cardstock Paper
8.5 X 11: $.02
11 X 17: $.04 ($4.70 per one hundred copies)

Kodak paper: $5.00 per square foot
Index paper:  8.5 X 11: $.03       11 X 17: $.05


Last updated: Spring 2014