BAC Guidlines and Sheet

Dear Organizations,

We are excited during this time of year in hopes of programming and service for our Pace students that supports a commitment to proving a learning experience that is respectful of traditional academic values, entrepreneurial in spirit and responsive to the demands of today’s diverse learners for relevance, convenience, and flexibility.  Pace University’s motto of Opportunitas as we enter our 98th year of operating can be complimented by the student leadership.

In preparing your budget we ask that you keep the following themes, ideas, and regulations in mind. Currently the fee is at 76.00 per semester (May 2002)

1. Only full time undergraduate students here in Pleasantville are allowed to use services discounted and or subsidized by the student activity fee. All others pay market and/or for profit rates except when a non full time undergraduate is needed for the program to function.  IE: Chaperone for Trip
2. No donation to charity. 
3. All profits must be returned to SA and Sponsoring Organization if recognized by SA/SDCA.
4. Loans for the purpose of fundraising with the understanding that the loan will be paid back 100% not to exceed 500.00 by a timeline approved by the Vice President of Finance.
5. BAC allocations must be correlated with the mission of the organization and/or University.
6. BAC funds can not be used for the purchase of alcohol and/or tobacco consumption.
7. All cash awards must be pre-approved by the Vice President of Finance and/or BAC.
8. It is the goal of Budget Allocation Committee that you spend money efficiently when able.  IE: Purchase items on sale, use coupons, and/or mail in rebates. 
9. All required paperwork is submitted before intersession of the semester prior.  Paperwork not processed will result in a loss of allocations.
10. September programs must be budgeted for during the spring semester prior.
11. If allocations are not used and or conserved, a re-alignment of funds must be approved b the BAC and/or Vice President of Finance.  This re-alignment will be granted when money is saved not because a lack of follow through.
12. If the unrestricted fund has un-allocated monies, requests may be made through out the semester for the purpose of programming and campus development.
13. Funds can only be used for the purpose of open events to all full time undergraduate students and or those who have paid the appropriate monetary amount referred to in items 1.
14. Insurance can not be paid for through the BAC.
15. Individual Greek Organizations will not be funded by the BAC.
16. Sub Governing/Governing Boards will be funded by BAC. 
17. National honor societies will not be funded by BAC if they are dependent on an Academic School to be recognized
18. No more then 1000.00 can be awarded for the purpose of scholarship for an individual.
19. No cash prizes in access of 100.00 per winner for a maximum of 200.00 per event and or contest.
20. Chaperones may not exceed a 100.00 stipend per event through BAC
21. Chaperones must use the Pace University Travel and Expense form when being reimbursed and must submit all paperwork to SDCA before submitted to Finance and Administration.
22. Advisor of BAC (Director of Student Development and Campus Activities in Pleasantville) will be paid a stipend of 2000.00 for an academic year.  [As of 08/01/03 this has not been authorized by the Director of Student development and Campus Activities]
23. Student Development and Campus Activities will be ultimately fiduciary responsible for the collection, disbursement, allocation, monitoring and auditing of all student allocated funds.
24. Members of the University community are required to timely satisfy their    financial obligations to the University, including, but not limited to, amounts due/reconciled with Student Development and Campus Activities office as well as documentation to verify ethical, legal financial transactions and or expenditures.
25. All publications and advertisements must state BAC funded Event when any funds come from the BAC.
26. All Co-sponsored events must indicate Co- Sponsored by BAC of the SA.
27. BAC Advisor has the ability to request funds for development and operations of the senate.
28. Student Government Advisor(s) have the ability to request funds for development and operations of student leadership.
29. Student Government Executive Board has the ability to request funds for development and operations of the senate.
30. Student Government Legislative Board has the ability to request funds for development and operations of the senate.
31. Student Government Judicial Board has the ability to request funds for development and operations of the senate.
32. All non SA bodies seeking funding from the BAC must be co sponsored by a funded organization of the SA
33. Per Diems per active member for attire.  Active member noted as an executive board member and/or student who attends 85% of meetings and events.
a. 50.00 per Set-Up-Charges
b. 9.00 per Shirts
c. 15.00 per Sweat shirts
d. 15.00 per Bottoms
e. 7.00 per Hats
f. 5.00 per accessories
34. Per Diems for organization for internal charges.
a. 12.00 Printing per event
b. 1000.00 Security per event
c. Pace Transportation 100% for SAC members
35. Per Diems per active member for conferences.  Active member noted as an executive boar member and/or student who attends 85% of meeting and events.
a. 500.00 Maximum Registration Fee
b. 75.00 Per Day Lodging per student
c. 400.00 Transportation  per student
36. Per Diems per active member for meals.  Active member noted as an executive board member and/or student who attends 85% of meetings and events.
a. 7.00 Breakfast Maximum per person
b. 12.00 Lunch Maximum per person
c. 18.00 Dinner Maximum per person

It is the goal of the SA and BAC to monitor expenditures efficiently on behalf of the betterment of the student body.  Any fines that are given will come directly through a financial transfer.  Please be advised that for every program your organization does not follow through on due to lack of planning, funds, participation will be penalized in your following semester budged allocation through a predetermined BAC points system.  Awards, incentives and additional allocation will occur through out the academic year. 

Please note that your budget and agency account must be reconciled on a weekly basis with the Vice President of Finance and or the Center for Student Development and Campus Activities. 

Please be advised that programs, meetings and University days that are assigned by SA executive board that are not participated in will result in a frozen budget.