Looking to Get Involved On Campus?

Student Development and Campus Activities is dedicated to enhancing the student experience on the Pace University Pleasantville campus. We believe that student involvement is critical to the college experience, so we have included all aspects of it under our office's umbrella. The fundamentals of learning traditionally happen in the classroom, and we offer a multitude of avenues for students to complement the academic aspect of the University and put their learning into practice. These involvement opportunities allow students to gain transferrable leadership skills that will assist them throughout their college career and beyond into the careers of their choice.

Visit our Student Government Association (SGA), which houses majority of our student organizations.

Learn about all of our Student Organizations. There's something for everyone!

Interested in Greek Life? If you "Go Greek", you'll be a
part of a well-rounded community of students that live by the very definition of "student involvement".

Our Campus Chaplain, Sister Susan Becker, offers students a way to gain a sense of their own spiritualities, which intertwines with their education and campus community.
We offer Student Leadership Opportunities across the Pleasantville campus, and we've compiled different outlets for students who look for a more direct link to leadership learning, like mentorship programs and student ambassador projects.

Learn more about Student Employment Opportunities to get even more involved on campus! This unique option not only allows students to play different roles on campus, but also opens the door to mentor-like opportunities on a professional level.

Check out the Sophomore Year Checklist and all the resources available all in one place! Learn how to make the most of your second year at Pace!

Learn more about Tau Sigma National Honor Society, view the latest Transfer Connection, and see upcoming events and oppurtunities for transfer students!