Speaker Guidelines

  1.  Read all the details mentioned at the beginning of the form ex. Schedule & location, FAQs and criterions.
  2. Begin with the “Lead presenter’s information” i.e. fill in the details about the Mentor/Lead presenter.
  3. Next, co-presenters information will include all the details about the student who is accompanied by his/her Mentor or Lead presenter.
  4. Presentation topics are based on our theme i.e. “FINDING YOUR PASSION”. Please read through all the topic description to get a better understanding about the topic, and to prepare your presentation accordingly.
  5. After reading through the description select all the topics that you’re interested in presenting.
  6. Enter your Presentation title/Program title and give a short description about the presentation like the content or how it’s going to be. This short description will be used for promoting the conference.
  7. Complete the form and note down the contact details of the Conference advisor if you have any further questions.”