Administration & Staff

Dean's Office

Xiao-Lei Wang, PhD, Acting Dean, 914-773-3876,

Andrea (Penny) Spencer, PhD, 212-346-1345,

Jermain Smith, Director of Tech Support, 914-773-3241,

Anna Fishman, Administrative Director, 914-773-3880,

Mariajose Romero, PhD, Coordinator of Assessment and Planning, 914-773-3979,

Phyllis Glassman, EdD, Coordinator of Professional Development, 914-773-3289,

Pat Parilla, MS, Director of Teaching Opportunity Corps, Center for Urban Education, 914-773-3704,

Sandra Flank, PhD, Special Projects, 914-773-3653,

Jennifer Argenta, Webmaster-Communications Coordinator, 914-773-3885,

Karen Ferro, Senior Staff Associate, 914-773-3872,


Westchester (Pleasantville) Department

Roberta Wiener, EdD, Chair, 914-773-3805,

Hasna Muhammad, EdD, Director of School Partnerships, 914-773-3802,

Linda Guyette Hamell, Director of Student Support Services, 914-773-3571,

Donna DeAngelo, Staff Associate, 914-773-3873,

Elizabeth Luongo, Staff Associate, 914-773-3829,


New York City Department

Gerald Ardito, DPS, Assistant Chair, 212-618-6958,

Rita Murray, Assistant Director of Student Support Services, 212-346-1338,

Pat Kobetts, Director of School Partnerships, 212-346-1501,

Nancy Campoverde, Program Manager, 212-618-6957,

Sarah Nandlal, Staff Associate, 212-346-1909,