Welcome to the Office of Student Assistance (OSA) Forms page. 

Below please view our short tutorial on using paperless forms.

We are currently in the process of making as many forms paperless as we can.  Note that all forms that are paperless have a tree graphic to the left of the form link.  Please check back often as this page will update as electronic forms become available. 

Resources for Students:



Address and Telephone Change Form

  Alumni Audit Application
    Application for Independent Study
    APTS Application - NY State Aid for Part-time Study


Audit Application

  Authorization for the Disclosure of Information from Educational Records

  Certificate Application
    Challenge Exam Application

  Change of Home Campus Form

Declaration or Change of Major or Program Form

    Double Line Application

  FERPA Authorization to Disclose Information
    FERPA Authorization to Disclose Information

General Change Form / Name Change Form

  Graduation Diploma Verification Form



Immunization Requirement Form


    In-Depth Sequence Application
    International Student Health Insurance Waiver Form

Leave of Absence Application



Letter Request Form

    Letter Request Form

  Maintaining Matriculation

Opt Out of Directory Information


Permission to Enroll in a Course at Another Institution

  Preferred First Name Change Form

  Re-Compute Grade Point Application

Registration Action Form

  Request for Course to be Graded as Pass/Fail

Request for Replacement Diploma


Resumption of Studies


Revocation of Opt Out of Directory Information


Revocation of Waiver of Right to View Confidential Letters

    Schedule Change Request (PDF-Fillable)

  Transcript Request (available through My Pace Portal)
    Transcript Request

Veterans Checklist

  Veterans Request for Enrollment Certification

Waiver of Right to View Confidential Letters Option One


Resources for Faculty, Advisors and Staff:

Classroom Resource Preference


New/Revised Course Offerings Form



PDF Fillable PDF Fillable Schedule Change Request Form
  Application for Waiver, Substitution, and In Depth Sequence