OSA Spring 2014 Hours

The Hours of Operation for the Student Solution Center are as follows:

  • Monday through Thursday: 9AM-6PM
  • Friday: 9AM-3PM

Please stay tuned via Twitter or Facebook for any OSA updates, or you can visit for more information.


Spring 2014

•             Spring begins January 27, 2014 

•             Spring ends May 17, 2014 

•             Tuition and fee payments were due January 3, 2014

  •            To avoid penalty:
    • 14-16 week course: Drop prior to & during first two weeks of semester.
    • 6-13 week course: Drop prior to & during first week of semester
    • 1-5 week course: Drop prior to 1st day of semester


Tuition and fee charges on your account can be viewed by going to the “Students” tab on MyPace Portal and clicking on “Registration, Grades and Tuition Schedule” then “Account Summary by Term”.


Please watch the mail for your updated billing statement. 
Bills are sent to your mailing address, please review your mailing address by going to the “Students” tab on MyPace Portal and clicking on "Personal Information" then “View and Update Addresses and Phones”.   You may change your mailing address at any time, be sure not to end an address without activating a new address.  You are responsible for payment by the due date for a given term, whether or not a bill is received.  Charges for any term may be viewed via the MyPace portal, Account Summary by Term.

1098T Student Tax Information (2012 Available NOW!!)

Click Here Information regarding your tax form 1098T including FAQ's and additional resources as a guide to understanding the 1098T form itself.