Entrepreneurship Lab

163 William Street Room 344
New York NY 10038

The Entrepreneurship Lab (eLab) offers students a unique space and environment to collaborate and innovate. All Pace students full-time and part-time, undergraduate and graduate are welcome to register to access the lab.

The Entrepreneurship Lab aims to foster an entrepreneurial mindset that results in innovation, initiative, and commitment. An entrepreneurial mindset consists of self-determination, a belief in one's self and one's ideas, and the ability to visualize these ideas coming to life. Teaching students to develop this type of mindset is invaluable because it is what will ultimately help transform them into successful entrepreneurs. With the help of the entrepreneurship program, students will achieve a sense of self that will instill the confidence and skills necessary to embark on a new business venture. Perhaps even more importantly, this entrepreneurial mindset will teach students how to identify, analyze, and seize opportunities to also help them succeed in life.






Get started in three simple steps

1. Register Online

Tell us about yourself, your interests and any business idea that you may have.

2. Schedule an Appointment

Meet the Associate Director to learn more about the lab and its activities. Get a brief overview of the lab resources including computers, software and electronics.

3. Start working

Organize your ideas by defining your Mission Overview, Specific Objectives and Measurable Outcomes (MOSOMO) and pursue your ambitions.

Annual Report

Click here to download the eLab Report for web viewing (5 MB) (PDF)

Click here to download the eLab Report for printing (8 MB) (PDF)