Mortola Library Displays 2007-2010


Displays 2007-2010


 Early Fall 2010 (coming soon)

Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time.

April 2010

Civic Engagement, Confucius Institute Interactive Kiosk.

March 2010

Handmade Books

October 2009

Tall Ships, Interlibrary loan

July 2009


April 2009

Earth Month, 50th Anniversary of NASA

March 2009

Handmade Books

February 2009

Lincolns 200th Birthday

November 2008

Election, Career Development Month, World Aids Day

October 2008

Art of Palestine Exhibit

September 2008

Mountains Beyond Mountains

August 2008


June 2008
Wedding Season

Women and the Environment,
Faces of Liberty
 January 2008
Got Core?
My Four Year Plan
  November 2007
Coop & Career Services, Center for Community Outreach, UNV 101
October 2007
UNV 101 testimonials
 September 2007
Meet the Library Staff
UNV 101 (Camera Shy)
July 2007
History of Toys and games
April 2007
Phone Directories
March 2007
Historic Newspapers
April 2010
Civi Engagement
Civic Engagement 1 Civic Engagement 4  Civic Engagement 2
October 2009
Henry Hudson’s 1609 Voyage
The display commemorates the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson’s voyage to New York and his sail up the river that now bears his name.  In the display you can see a model of Hudson’s ship, the Half Moon, on loan from the 
Maritime Industry Museum at Fort Schuyler, located at SUNY Maritime. Along with the ship’s replica are diagrams of the ships interior, as well as a map of New Netherland, books containing “sailing directions” for Hudson, as well as items from the Pace Library collection which relate to the history of the Hudson River and the Hudson River valley. Books about Native Americans located in New York at the time of Hudson’s voyage are also available, as are photos of a number of boats that participated in the  June, 2009 Quadricentennial Flotilla on the Hudson River.
Book Display Half Moon Replica Lower Display Case Large Display Case
April 2009
50th Anniversary of NASA
This display included an actual space jumpsuit from the private collection of Douglas Heimbigner and Life magazines from the private collection of Dr. Gillen.
        NASA 1   
March 2009
Handmade/Homemade Books
This display included a gathering of the creators of the Handmade/Homemade books.  It also included the work of some students from Dr. Poe's class.
Handmade 4   Handmade 2
October 2009
Art of Palestinian Children
 Palestine Art 1Palestine Art 2 
September 2008
Mountains Beyond Mountains - This went in conjunction with our common reading.
August 2008
China in History and Today in honor of the Beijing Olympics.
June 2008
Wedding Season
June Brides
March 2008
Faces of Liberty (March 5 - March 28 only)
Faces of Liberty is a traveling photo-journal display that puts human faces on complex civil liberties issues by describing the challenges experienced by ordinary men, women and students who faced unpopularity and adversity.  The exhibit documents 22 cases where people, who in defense of their civil liberties, have been helped by the NYCLU.  This is a walking exhibit with pictures in several locations throughout the library.  We invite all to take a minute and walk through the exhibit to read the stories that go with the faces.
Display PLV Faces of Liberty 1
Display PLV Faces of Liberty 2
Display PLV Faces of Liberty 3
Display PLV Faces of Liberty 4
Women and the Environment
March is Women's History Month.  April is Earth Month.  In honor of these two events a display Ecofeminism was created .
This display ended up being camera shy, however it did contain the following pictures of the original "tree huggers" and of Rachel Carson.  There were also documents created of Chipko, , The Love Canal and The Greenbelt Movement.
November 2007
Career Development Month
July 2007
A brief history/collection of toys and games
Toys and Games 4
April 2007
Phone Directories. 
A collection of Pace University Phone directories throughout the years from when they were still  printed
   Phone Books
March 2007
 Historic Newspapers from the 1700's.  This was from the private collection of Brian Jennings.
 Historic Newspapers 2         Historic Newspapers 5Historic Newspapers1