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Mortola Library Displays
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Displays for 2004 through 2006

(Archive of displays for 2001-2003)

      June 2006
Favorite Summer Reading, Oblivion Mobile, Cell Phones
May 2006
Tribute to fire fighters, 40th anniversary of Leinhard School of Nursing, Bizarre May holidays
March 2006
Mouth and Foot Painters
January 2006
Horace Greeley
October 2005 - An Gorta Mór, Ramadan
September 2005 - Shakespeare's The Tempest, Radios May/June 2005 Nursing History Month, Vases, Men's Ties April 2005 FDR, Earth Month, Poetry Month, Jazz History Month March 2005- Women in Photography.  Stamps
February 2005- Syntopicon - Great Books.  Black History Month Fall 2004- Media and Communications Seminar December 2004 - Reflective Vitrines 1985-2004. September 2004 - Vote and Trains.
July 2004 - Josh Gibson, Treasures June 2004 - Alternative Fairy Tales May 2004 - Nursing Archives April  2004 - Earth Month
January 2004
January 2004
Brown V. Board of Education
January 2004
Award Yourself
June 2006
Oblivion the Mobile.
This mobile was created to remind you that every month is Earth month.  This mobile (named Oblivion) is made from damaged CD's and DVD's that have been collected from libraries.  This mobile was hung in the 3 story atrium when you first enter the library and stands approximately 18 feet tall by 10 feet wide. When the mobile was taken down, these CD's were sent to Camp Sunshine where they will be used to create greeting cards. Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle.  It's a way of life
Cell Phones.
May 2006
A Tribute to Firefighters
Lienhard School of Nursing 40th Anniversary
Bizarre May Holidays
March 2006
Foot and Mouth Painters. 
Pace University was able to have the Association of Mouth and Foot Painters loan us many paintings that the artists have done. On April 19th we had Robert Thome, a mouth painter, come and speak about his story as well as demonstrate mouth painting techniques throughout the day.
"To me painting is like prayers, like meditation, and I am not disabled when I am painting" Robert Thome
 Here Robert is demonstrating the creation of a portrait of Dr. Grant Scott whom helped coordinate the visit.
January 2006
Horace Greeley: Advocate for Social Justice.  The Pace University Connection.


HORACE GREELEY (1811-1872), the 19th century journalist now best remembered for urging young people to 'Go west, young man,' also was a powerful publisher, reformer, Presidential candidate and advocate for African-Americans, women and the poor, a living embodiment of ideals embraced by Pace University two centuries later.
This is particularly fitting because Pace's building at One Pace Plaza stands on the plot of ground where Horace Greeley's New York Tribune was published in the nineteenth century. Given its location across from City Hall, it is not surprising that the Tribune/Pace site figured prominently in historic events. During the Civil War Draft Riots, a mob attacked the Tribune building, looking for the abolitionist Greeley. In May 1970, the Pace building was attacked by rioters in support of the Vietnam War and opposed to anti-war demonstrators. In 1872, Greeley died on the Pleasantville campus, while under the care of Dr. George C.S. Choate.
An exhibit of items about Greeley was on display at the Mortola Library in Pleasantville from February 3 - March 17, 2006 and at the Birnbaum Library in New York from March 27 - April 28.
October 2005
An Gorta Mór (The Great Hunger)
The Irish Famine
(By the Muslim Students Association
September 2005
Shakespeare's Tempest
When Radio Was King
May 2005
Nursing PostCards
April 2005
FDR - 60 years
A display honoring some of the achievements of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  A bibliography of information is available about this display and it included a blog about FDR and his life.  This was worked on with the help of Professor Durahn Taylor who did a public reading of the last speech ever written by FDR.  The quotes posted near the picture of the Roosevelt's are

"No one can make you feel inferior, without your consent.”
Eleanor Roosevelt, “
This is My Story,” 1937

Let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, First Inaugural Address - March 4, 1933
“Let no man say it cannot be done. It must be done and we have undertaken to do it.” President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Annual Message to Congress - January 6, 1942
March 2005
Women in Photography: Behind and in Front of the Camera, 1850s to 1940s”: A new Exhibit at Pace for Women’s History Month is a collection of original photographs, advertisements, artifacts, and books about the role of women in the history of photography, and was on display at the Mortola Library, Pleasantville campus, through March.   The exhibit is from the personal collection of Dr. Michael Gillen, a professor of Asian history on the Pleasantville campus, who is also a published photographer. Dr. Gillen has exhibited his own work in one-man shows at Pace University, The Seamen’s Church Institute, and the National Maritime Historical Society in New York. For further information contact Dr. Gillen at or by calling 914-773-3682.
Stamp collecting includes a much wider range of possibilities than usually realized by people outside the hobby. This display illustrates some of the varied approaches and types of material that can be included in a collection.  It starts with a traditional pre-printed page from a country collection and continues with more varied material.  This is the personal collection of Dr. Terri Hines (, questions may be directed to him.
February 2005
"Great Books of the Western World". For more information about this set of books click here.
Black History Month
For a listing of the books displayed, please click here.
December 2004 
Reflective Vitrines 1985-2004
Art 196b Honors, Repainting History - Tuesdays with Picasso, is a learning community  whose objective is to study twentieth century art by attempting to create artwork inspired by the artists of the era.  Reflective Vitrines 1985-2004 was inspired by the French installation artist Christian Boltanski, whose artwork often reflected his own “life history” and incorporated newspaper clippings, used clothes, amateur snapshots and flickering shadows.  Boltanski was part of the conceptual art movement. For much more information click here.
Fall 2004  
Media and Communications research seminar
This class researched Children's Magazines.  St. Nicholas Magazine (previously displayed in April 2002) was a major part of this.  A website containing links to their works and information is available.
September 2004 
Model trains  -  A collection of model trains in HO and O Gauge scale
The library also has a major push to "Register to Vote @ Your Library" as sponsored by the American Library Association.    As part of this, the library has set up a multimedia component from with political television commercials from 1956 through today.  This continued to run until election day.  There were also several books on display
July  2004 Josh Gibson
A collection of books and articles on Josh Gibson by Brian Jennings. This display has an online component.
July  2004 Treasures
A Collection of treasures in the Mortola Library collection.  The oldest book being © 1761
June 2004  - Alternative Fairy Tales from the Class of Dr. Kirschstein
May 2004 - Nursing Archives
January 2004
A collection of coins and paper money from the United States and other countries.
January 2004
A tribute to the 50th Anniversary of the supreme court decision of Brown v. The Board of Education.
January 2004
A collection of awards that the Mortola Library staff has received over the years.

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