Preventing & Detecting Plagiarism

Student Resources:


Faculty Resources:


Faculty Tools (commercial detection sites):

  • EVE, the Essay Verification Engine A commercial detection product. A trial of the software can be downloaded and used for 15 days. 
  • Glatt Plagiarism Services, Inc. Glatt sells three different plagiarism software resources, the first is a tutorial students use to learn about plagiarism, the second is detection software which looks for plagiarism in a file, and the third, a self-detection program that helps a writer avoid inadvertent plagiarism. The detection tool uses the student's own writing style to detect possibly plagiarism. 
  • Moss (for a measure of software similarity) From the web site: "Moss (for a Measure Of Software Similarity) is an automatic system for determining the similarity of C, C++, Java, Pascal, Ada, ML, Lisp, or Scheme programs. To date, the main application of Moss has been in detecting plagiarism in programming classes."
  • A web-based commercial detection service, which provides for a one-month free trial. Now integrated with Blackboard. Contact CTLT for more information.