Remote Access Troubleshooting

There are two ways for current Pace University faculty, staff and students to gain remote access to restricted resources such as library databases.


  • Use a private Internet Service Provider in combination with the Library's Remote Access System. 

    To use the Remote Access system:  (CLICK HERE TO SEE A SAMPLE WALKTHROUGH)

    1. Browser Cookies must be enabled on your web browser. This is a default setting, if you have not changed this, you should be all set.
    2. Go to the Pace University Library Homepage at /library
    3. In the Search Widget at the top of the page, click on the Databases tab
    4. On the Databases tab, click the Databases A to Z button
    5. Click on the name of the database that you are interested in and you will reach the Remote Access login page.
      • Enter your Pace University Portal User name
        (for example, AB12345P,
        without the and password.

        If you do not know your Pace University Portal user name, check the Faculty/Staff/Student White Pages.
        If you do not know your Pace University Portal Password - please try and have it reset here.


      • Click the Login button.
      • After typing in your user name and password, you may encounter a Security Alert pop up – this is normal and by accepting, you will be passed to database you selected.



  • The Pace VPN

Click Here to Access VPN



  • The Pace VPN  allows you to connect to restricted resources such as library databases automatically from an off-campus machine.

  • Current Web Browsers Successfully Tested & Supported:  Most databases require up to date browsers.  We have tested on both Apple and PC systems.
  • Bookmarks/Favorites/Shortcuts directly set to Database web sites will NOT function.  You must be authenticated via the Pace Library Website for each session.
  •  If you have forgotten or need your Pace Portal  password reset, you must deal with Information Technology Services via their Online Help Desk or via the Reset Link. 
  • If you are having more issues with your user name and password, please address them to the Helpdesk at or (914) 773-3333
  • If you are a Pace Law School Student, you will need to scroll down to see the Law School Access form, then enter your last name, and the last seven digits of your Pace University Library barcode.
  • If the user is still having issues, please contact Erik Jantzen via email at or call the Library Systems Office at (914) 773-3383.