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Articles appear in popular magazines.  While these articles also tend to have a strong emphasis on a reporting style, they can also provide a general discussion and perhaps and editorial opinion that reflects the slant of the magazine.


General magazine articles:

Thomas, Evan. "How Bush Did It." Newsweek 15 Nov. 2004: 34+.

Schmidt, Peter. "Affirmative Action Survives and So Does the
  Debate." Chronicle of Higher Education 4 July 2003: S1.

Subject-focused magazine articles:

Dickinson, Tim. "The Youth Vote." Rolling Stone 11 Nov. 2004: 50+.

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By limiting your search to the weeks following an event, you can find articles that were published soon after an event occurred. HINT: If an event was sufficiently significant, there may also be articles published on the anniversary of the event. You can use these databases to locate popular magazine articles:

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