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Chicago Manual of Style, 15th ed. (2003)
There is now a 16th edition so this information may be out of date.
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Any information in the Basic Instructions in red font face is included to assist in the understanding of the style and should not be included in your Citations.
NOTE from the Bedford Handbook: The Chicago Manual of Style does not advise including the date you accessed a Web source, but you may provide an access date after the URL if the cited material is time-sensitive: for example, (accessed May 1, 2005).




Database Item Online Book Web Site CD-ROM
Online newspaper E-Newspaper Online Periodical Online Encyclopedia
ERIC Document Discussion List Message Email Message HELP! (contact a librarian)


Database Item
Basic Instructions: Author. "Article Title." Journal Title Volume #, issue #
       (date): Page numbers. Database name.
       Subscriber Name, place. Site/Path/File.
Young, Jeffrey R. “Distance Education Seen as
     Useful as Classrooms.” Chronicle of
     Higher Education
46, no. 24 (2000): A55.
Online Book
Basic Instructions: Author/editor, "Title." Publication information, date.
Holland, Norman N. “The Critical I.” New
     York: Columbia University Press, 1992.
Web Site
Basic Instructions: Author. (if given) "Title of page," Title or owner of
       site. Site/Path/File.
Example: Jones, Dee. “The de Grummond Children’s
     Literature Collection at USM,”
     University of Southern 
CD-ROM Article
Basic Instructions: Author. (if given) "Article title." Title of CD-ROM.
        [medium], version or edition. Publisher, Date.
"The Late Riots - A Mountain Reduced to a
     Molehill." The New York Herald 24 July
     1863 in the Civil War - A Newspaper
[CD-ROM], (accessible
     archives CD-ROM edition, 1994) Folio
     Corporation, 1990.
Online newspaper
Basic Instructions: Author. "Article  Title." Newspaper Title, Date
        Created. Site/Path/File.
Example: McAteer, M.J. “Animals Benefit from 
    Alternative Medicine.” Washington Post 
    on the Web, 
May 17, 1999.
Basic Instructions: Author, "Article Title," Title of complete work, Date of
         publication. Site/Path/File.
Example: "Hopes recede for survivors," The Hindu,
     February 1, 2001.
Online Periodical
Basic Instructions: Author, "Article Title." Title of complete work, Date of
         publication, Site/Path/File.
Example: Williams, Buzz. "General Wade Hampton III:
     Noble Summer Resident." WaySouth: A
     Journal of Southern Thought
Online Encyclopedia
(Chicago assumes that encyclopedia articles are cited in Notes rather than Bibliographies. This entry is based on other Chicago formats.)
Basic Instructions:
approximately symbol
Author (if given), "Article Title," Encyclopedia Title,
         Publisher information, Date. Site/Path/File.
Example: "Ailey, Alvin, Jr.," Encyclopedia Britannica 
, Inc., 1999.
ERIC Document
Basic Instructions: Author, "Article Title," Title of complete work (in italics
         or underlined), volume: pages, date of 
         publication, available from database name.
Example: Settle, Mary and Richard Milich, "Social
     persistence following Failure in Boys
     and Girls with LD," Journal of Learning
     Disabilities, 32:201-212, May/June 1999,
     Wilson Select Plus Full Text,
Discussion List Message
(This item is considered to be best cited as a Note and not a Bibliography entry by the Chicago Manual of Style.)
Basic Instructions:
approximately symbol
Author's name. "subject line," (if more than one email
         that date)
email to Name of mailing list, date of
         posting, listserv address.
Raish, Martin. “Surveying Users Before
     Building Web-tutorial,” email to BI-L
     mailing list.  February 25, 2000,
(This is another item that Chicago considers to be a Note rather than a Bibliography entry.)
Basic Instructions:
approximately symbol
Author, "subject line," date, [type of communication:
        personal email, distribution list, office
Example: Albrecht, Rebecca. “Mea Culpa: Citing
     Information,” 24 February 2000,
     committee information.
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