The Learning Commons

What is the Learning Commons?
The Learning Commons is a new way of thinking of how to best offer support services, technology, and resources to the university community.  The Commons is designed to create a “compelling destination” for all members of the university by rethinking spaces, linking service points, and by offering students and faculty as many of the resources they need for success into one environment called the Commons.
The Pace Learning Commons will involve a carefully planned redesign of the current library environment.  The Learning Commons will reside in the library building but will involve substantially more than just the traditional library services and resources.
The Pace Learning Commons may include such resources as:
  • An integrated services hub where students will be able to receive individual and group support from a variety of academic support services such as Library Help, Writing Assistance, Faculty Support, Tutorial Assistance, Technical Help, as well as a potential café area where you could enjoy a quick cup of coffee!
  • Availability of a variety of individual and group spaces. Spaces will include small group collaboration rooms, comfortable seating areas, flexible furniture areas (where you can design the space that you need including moveable partitions!), large workrooms, and a flexible electronic classroom for user centered instruction.
  • Increased access to technology such as laptops, multimedia production equipment, moveable projection equipment, and individual and group workstations.