• Access:

    Enhance access to our facilities, services, staff and information resource within and beyond our collections.
  • Outreach:

    Leverage and forge opportunities that stimulate communication and build connections within our community to continually pursue our mission.
  • Service:

    Devevlop, adapt and deliver quality resources and services, both technical and interpersonal, that optimize the library experience for all users.
  • Instruction:

    Anticipate, design and deliver innovative information literacy instruction in an array of formats to meet the curricular, life long learning enrichment needs of our community.
  • Inreach:

    Implement library activities that inspire staff participation and collaboration so that we may extend our work relationships, boost our energies and foster our shared commitment to excellence.
  • Productivity:

    Explore and embrace improvements, which are measurable, cost effective and engance the quality of our work.
  • Professional Opportunities:

    1. Career Enhancement:

      Provide a congenial work environment that encourgages cultivation of new skills and exploration of professional development.
    2. Recruitment:

      In a constantly evolving environment, actively seek skilled professionals who can bring positive energy and creativity to the Pace Library.