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Telephone Services
Pace Information Center (University 311)
Cell Phone Requests
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Telephone Services

Tutorials and User Guides for Phones and Voice Mail:

Click here for tutorials or copies of the Alcatel & Lync Telephone User's Guides for all phone models as well as Voice Mail instructions.
Service Requests:
Report telephone, voice mail and fax problems to the Pace Help Desk at ext. 33333.  After business hours, dial ITS Help Desk at ext. 33333 and leave a message including your name, extension and a brief description of the problem.
To request additional telephone service, moves or changes call ITS Help Desk at ext. 33333 or, using Internet Explorer, go to and follow the instructions.
Pace Operator Services:
Pace telephone operator services are provided for the entire University from the Briarcliff switchboard. Business hours are Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. To reach an operator, dial "0".


Pace Information Center (University 311)
The Pace Information Center (PIC), formerly known as the University Switchboard, has transitioned from routing calls to answering callers’ questions or facilitating requests for service for any area of the University. The Information Center will be a one-stop service center for all members of the Pace community – including guests of the university, potential students and their families, or anyone else contacting the PIC. When calling PIC, calls will go directly to either a live staff member or an announcement indicating to hold for the next available agent. Staff members will do their best to answer the question or find the individual/department with the expertise to assist the caller. If the staff member is unable to answer the caller’s question or is unable to connect them with the appropriate individual/department, they will have the ability to submit an online Help Desk ticket at on behalf of the caller.
University 311 – Pace Information Center can be reached by the following methods:
  • Dial 311 from any on-campus Administrative phone
  • Dial 855-PACE-311 (855-722-3311) from any off-campus phone
If your area has Frequently Asked Questions, please send them to Lawrence Robcke at
Conference Calls:
Multi-party Conference Calls may be established during switchboard business hours (see above). To arrange conference calls, contact the Chief Operator, Telephone Services at ext. 33141.
For information concerning off business hours or to establish a Genesys account, contact the Chief Operator at ext. 33141.


Cell Phone Request

Getting a Departmental Cellular Telephone:
To request a new cellular phone that will be used for Pace business and charged to your departmental Index number, place your request at You may also contact Maureen Doddy at x22692 or email her at



In an effort to reduce costs and improve services, the Division of Information Technology has implemented a Local Area Network (LAN) Fax solution that allows Pace e-mail users to use electronic mail as the transmission media for incoming and outgoing messages. There are approximately 800 virtual incoming telephone numbers (914-989-8000 to 914-989-8799), as well as sufficient outgoing (long distance and international) circuits for all of our users.
Faxes sent to these numbers are delivered to the LanFax ( server and attached to e-mail documents (as a .tif file) and forwarded to corresponding e-mail addresses, or they are immediately printed on a LAN attached printer (dependent on the user’s desires).    Users with LanFax accounts are able to e-mail to fax machines (as just like any e-mail address. 
Our experience with fax machines is that less than 1-2% of outgoing Pace University faxes are not already in machine readable format, so a strategically placed scanner somewhere on each floor or in each building should be able to handle this workload.  No additional stand-alone fax installations will be approved. 


LAN/Fax Solution = a server with software that enables users to send and receive faxes directly to/from email accounts on the desktop.

Procedure for Acquiring an Account and Fax Number:

  1. Place a request using Internet Explorer, go to and follow the logon instructions.  Include in the request:
    • user’s name
    • user’s e-mail address
    • user’s telephone extension
    • campus
    • department
    • network printer (if applicable)
  2. To help you get started, use the LanFax Lab Document
  3. Usage Policy for the LanFax solution must comply with the Pace University’s Appropriate Use Policy for Information Technology. The LanFax solution may be used only by Pace faculty, administrators and staff and should only be used for Pace business.  At present, there is no charge back for fax server usage.  However, the system is being monitored for fraudulent usage.  Any misuse of the server will result with the removal of the account and a charge back to the school or division for the cost of any fraudulent phone calls.
Questions? Call 914-773-3333.


44Employee Discounts

Faculty and Staff are eligible for discounts from the following providors:

Verizon Wireless & Verizon FiOS Deals
AT&T wireless services  

For further information and details, please visit the IT Discounts Page.