Meet the eTerns

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While eTern initially referred to ePortfolio interns, our student assistants are now trained to support an ever-growing list of technologies, including digital storytelling, web conferencing, and various other instructional technologies. Our team of eTerns spans across all campuses. The video below  summarizes the eTern mission and  their accomplishments.


To make an appointment with an eTern, contact

Pleasantville eTerns

Amanda Villavicencio is a graduate Media Communications student. As an undergraduate at Pace she was introduced to ePortfolio and updated it throughout all 4 years of her studies.  Each year as her knowledge grew, her profile continued to expand into something she is delighted to show. She was also very involved in the Pace Radio Station WPAW and is a member of the Golden Key Honor Society.  You can learn a bit more about her by taking a look at her ePortfolio.

Megan Burke is a graduate accounting student and eTern at Pace University.  She started using ePortfolio in an English and marketing learning community and has been working as an eTern ever since.  Her favorite technology tools include Prezi and Digital Storytelling.  Get to know Megan  by checking out her ePortfolio.

Heidi Clorofilla is a skilled English Communications major and member of the Pforzheimer Honors College.  She is also the President of Lambda Sigma, an organization that fosters the development of leadership, fellowship, and scholarship.  Check out Heidi’s ePortfolio!

NYC eTerns

Uri Charles has been an eTern since 2012 and is currently studying psychology at Pace University.  He excels with graphic design projects and is a fabulous presenter.  Learn more about Uri by viewing his ePortfolio!

Lucio Forti just joined the ePortfolio team as a second year graduate student in the Psychology program at Pace. He brings a background in software development, training, and technical writing. Musician, photographer, and lover of all things that end in “amburger,” Lucio can also be reached through his ePortfolio page.