Digital Measures Updates

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Updates in Progress

  • Adding display option to CV
  • Adding more flagging display options for other fields including presentations, grants, public service, and media contributions

Updates Completed

  • Added clarifying text to administrative assignments area to make current position show
  • Added personal quote
  • Developed systematic way to catch scheduled teaching courses that need to be deleted (Previously refreshes from DM only picked up new courses – they didn't delete courses that were removed from faculty's teaching schedule in Banner)
  • Edited profile to allow faculty member to show/hide intellectual contributions (hiding and displaying by pull down). Default is past five years, but faculty are able to edit
  • Added preferred name as display name in web profile
  • Made 00 default in minutes for office hours. Made term/year defaulted to current values.  Refined office hours to improve display in web profile
  • Second title display for administrative roles added
  • Changed Scheduled Teaching in web profile to show the current semester teaching load rather than the full academic year teaching schedule
  • Elimination of course duplication in scheduled teaching list
  • Added Twitter and LinkedIn fields to faculty personal information
  • Developed automatic refresh capability for refreshing scheduled teaching prior to the start of each semester
  • Added years to Grants display in web profile
  • Added Research interests to the web profile
  • Clinical Practice section added (3/14)
  • APA style for intellectual contributions and publications, grants
  • Presentation Link is now available in Digital Measures

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Last updated: August, 2014