Printing FAQs

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Why is Pace University implementing this system?

Pace University has implemented the Pharos Uni-Print solution to provide a "green", student-friendly approach to printing from any location. The system increases student functionality to a wide range of services to meet ever-evolving document needs.

Who can use the system?

The system is designed with a student focus, but can be also be utilized by faculty, staff, alumni, and guests. (see usage fees)

What are the benefits?

Users will have one interface for printing, copying, and scanning--with the additional option to scan to e-mail. Also, users will have the capability to print wirelessly to any Pharos Uni-Print device on the Pace network.

How will it work?

As part of the Student Technology Fee, at the beginning of each semester students will be credited with $30.00 three times throughout the year--the start of the Fall and Spring semesters as well as Summer Session 1.

What you need to get started as a Pace student?

As a Pace student, you will need to have an activated Pace HigherOne Card. Please visit the following webpage for information on how to activate your HigherOne Card.

Where do I to find a Universal printer?

Universal printers are located at the following locations:

New York City Pleasantville White Plains
New York CRC - 1 Pace Plaza, Room W202 Pleasantville CRC - Willcox Hall, 1st Floor White Plains CRC - Graduate Center, Room 432
Henry Birnbaum Library - 1 Pace Plaza Edward & Doris Mortola Library - 1st Floor   Graduate Center Library - Graduate Center, Room 426

What are the device features and capabilities?

The Universal printer includes printing, copying, and scanning from any of the designated locations.  Wireless capabilities are available to assist users to print from their own remote location. Note: Remote users must be connected to the Pace Network.

I am faculty, how can I print using the Library & CRC Multi-Function printers?

Faculty will be able to print in the Library/Computer Resource Centers using their Pace Portal username and password. All printing, copying, and scanning costs will be charged back to the faculty's department; similar to Document Services. The uni-print solution that has been implemented is a student centered system that was bought, paid for, and maintained through the student technology fee. Due to certain faculty members also being students at the University, the Pace OneCard can be only be utilized by students to release jobs. We strongly encourage faculty to utilize their departmental printers/copiers in in conjunction with their departmental budget code. For your convenience the following link directs you to the Document Services website.

How much does it cost?

Students: As a Pace student you will be charged the following costs: 6¢ per page print (printing is double-sided by default and each side is 6¢) 6¢ per page copy; 2¢ per scan (image, picture, or document to e-mail).

Faculty/Staff: Due to the fact that this is a "student centered" initiative, Pace faculty/staff using these services will be charged monthly via a departmental charge back (similar to Document Services' process). 6¢ per page print (printing is double-sided by default and each side is 6¢) 6¢ per page copy; 2¢ per scan (image, picture, or document to e-mail)

Alumni/Guest: Pace alumni and guests will receive $3.00 each semester. You may purchase additional allotments through any Library reference desk. 6¢ per page print (printing is double-sided by default and each side is 6¢) 6¢ per page copy; 2¢ per scan (image, picture, or document to e-mail)

How to replenish your account?

As a Pace student, after you have exhausted your free printing balance, you have the option to purchase additional pages through your Pace OneCard.

What if a student loses their Pace OneCard?

As a Pace student, you can still print using your MyPace Portal username and password.  Please contact the HigherOne Office to obtain a replacement. Note: Reporting a HigherOne card lost will lock the account and prohibit device usage.

Where to find the Print Client download?

Click the following link to download the Print Client.

Why would I need to connect to the Pace Network?

Users will need to connect to the Pace Network (VPN, PWN, or LAN) in order to authenticate their credentials and to communicate with the print system.

How can I connect to the Pace Network?

Click the following link for instruction on how to obtain, download, install, and connect to the VPN.

Are my print jobs double-sided by default?

Yes, documents by default are set to print double-sided in line with the vision of a "green" and sustainable University.

How long will my print job stay in the Queue?

Users will be able to collect their print jobs within three hours from any designated locations.

How to report a problem or issue?

Please report any issues to your local Computer Resource Center (CRC) or Library staff representative.