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We are upgrading to MS Lync Server 2013!

Starting on Monday, November 10th, ITS will begin to migrate all MS Lync accounts to MS Lync Server 2013.  The migration is expected to take about 1 ½ weeks to complete. Once completed, users who have the MS Lync 2013 client installed on their computers will be able to benefit from the following new features:

Note: Users who currently have the MS Lync 2010 client can continue to use it with MS Lync Server 2013 without any issues.
HD Video

Lync 2013 supports HD video (1080P) in a conference (also supported P2P).
Lync Web App
Lync Web App for 2013 offers a much more complete conferencing experience including support for audio and video.
OneNote support
OneNote is an excellent tool which is now supported as a collaboration method in Lync conferences.
Office Web Apps Server
Lync Server 2013 now uses the Office Web Apps Server to render PowerPoint presentations. This in turn allows for higher-resolution displays and better support for PowerPoint capabilities and broader support for mobile devices.
Gallery View
In video conferences that have more than two people but less than six users can see videos of participants in the conference. If the conference has 6 or more users only the most active participants are shown as videos other users are shown as photos.

To upgrade a Pace-owned computer to the MS Lync 2013 client, you will need to upgrade to MS Office 2013 by opening a ticket via  For a personal computer, you can upgrade to MS Office 2013 through

Microsoft Lync is a unified communications solution, using Voice Over IP (VoIP) technology, from Microsoft that facilitates online collaboration through a rich set of integrated features.  Pace students, faculty and staff can use the software to communicate with their colleagues in new and exciting ways. With Lync, users can see one another’s presence and availability status and engage in instant messaging, voice, audio conferencing, video conferencing and collaboration-enabled shared workspaces, among other capabilities. Lync provides a seamless integration with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook to unify various communication media and aid in productivity.

To download the MS Lync client for Windows or Mac, please visit the ADAM page.

Please note: The following features are not available in the initial deployment of Lync 2010 – Forwarding Calls, Dialing a Number, Simultaneous Ring, and Response Group Agent.

Lync 2013 for Windows

Lync 2010 for Windows

  • Work Smart guides
  • Quick Start guides
  • Lync 2010 Videos

Lync 2011 for Mac

    Quick How-To Videos Documentation
Add Contacts & Create Groups 2013 2010
Add Video to a Conversation 2013 2010
Add Voice to an IM Conversation 2010 2010
Answer an Incoming Call 2010 2010
Change Your Current Status 2010 2013
Create a Whiteboard 2013 2010
Customize Meeting Access  & Presenter Options 2010 2013
End/Exit the Meeting TBD 2013
Give Control to Others 2013 2010
Invite Other People to a Conversation TBD 2010
Invite People who don’t have Lync installed TBD 2010
Join a Scheduled Meeting or Conference Call 2010 2010
Join an Unscheduled Meeting or Conference Call TBD 2010
Make someone a Presenter or Attendee TBD 2010
Record Conversations, Call, or Online Meetings 2010 2010
Schedule a Meeting or Conference Call 2010 2010
Send an Instant Message (IM) 2010 2010
Set Audio Preferences 2010 2010
Set your Dial-in PIN TBD 2010
Share a PowerPoint Presentation 2010 2010
Share a Program 2013 2010
Share Your Desktop 2010 2010
Start an Unscheduled Meeting 2010 2010
Start Audio & Video TBD 2010
Transfer a File 2010 TBD
Use Presence to Determine Someone’s Availability 2010 2010