Configuring Wireless

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UPDATE 4/23/14: New Cisco Wireless Network Implementation for PACE-OPEN/PACE-WIRELESS Has Been Completed

The installation of the new Cisco PACE-OPEN/PACE-WIRELESS network has been completed in all buildings and on all campuses.  The Wireless Locations page lists all campus buildings with wireless connectivity.  Below are some quick steps to connect different mobile devices to the new network.

For more detailed steps and information, please review the PACE-WIRELESS FAQs page.

New Cisco Network
PACE-WIRELESS (Pace’s New Network)

Connecting/Registering a Mobile Device for the First Time

When connecting for the first time, all devices should connect via PACE-OPEN, which will automatically configure the network and guest login settings on your device and register it on the network.  A device must be registered in order to get network access, but only needs to be registered once. Once registered, your device will be connected to PACE-WIRELESS.  Connection via PACE-OPEN is a one-time process and subsequent connections can be made directly via PACE-WIRELESS.

  For detailed steps to register your device and to connect to PACE-WIRELESS, visit our PACE-WIRELESS FAQs page.

Reconnecting with a Mobile Device that was Previously Registered

Devices that were previously registed via PACE-OPEN can then connect directly to PACE-WIRELESS by entering their MyPace Username and Password when prompted.  IMPORTANT: The connecting device must support WPA2 enterprise encryption.

  For detailed steps to register your device and to connect to PACE-WIRELESS, visit our PACE-WIRELESS FAQs page.

Changes to Guest Account access when using PACE-WIRELESS

For PACE-WIRELESS users, a new process for setting up guest accounts has been implemented to provide Internet-only access to Pace guests. More details can be found on the PACE-WIRELESS FAQs page. Users with Internet-only guest accounts must connect to PACE-OPEN.

For more advanced access (e.g.: Pace temp/contractor accounts), please refer to for more details. Users with advanced access guest accounts must connect to PACE-WIRELESS.

Please let us know if there are any issues or questions with the wireless connection instructions, auto-configuration process, or the wireless connectivity. You can contact the ITS Help Desk at (914) 773-3333 ( or online at