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Video Tutorials

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Getting Started

[+] Click here to open a collection of basic guides for those new to ePortfolio.

Adding/Editing Content

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Pace Path Tutorials

[+] Click here to learn how to setup your ePortfolio with Pace Path.



[+] Click here to learn about using Journals.


[+] Click here to learn about creating and joining groups.

Faculty Resources

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ePortfolio FAQs

What is an ePortfolio?
The ePortfolio is an online collection of your work designed for an audience. It enables you to enrich your learning experiences, prepare you for your field of work, and sharpen your technological skills.

You will add files to your portfolio that may be shared with others--your peers, professors, friends, family, and potential employers. Additionally, your ePortfolio will be a work in progress as you will be able to add to it and extend it throughout your college career.
What should I put in my ePortfolio?
You should upload your best, revised works from your courses, along with reflections on your learning process, to show growth in knowledge and skills. You can also upload a resume and artifacts that show your participation in extra and co-curricular activities.
How can I set one up?
All Pace students have ePortfolio accounts created automatically. Go to https://eportfolio.pace.edu and log in with your usual Pace username and password.
How long will I have access to my ePortfolio at Pace?
For as long as you like! Your ePortfolio account is tied to your Pace email account, which means that you will keep your ePortfolio as long as you keep your email.
Who can view my ePortfolio?
The default setting is private, but with a few clicks, you can grant access to individuals, the Pace community, or the public. You can alter these settings for different parts of your ePortfolio at any time. You can share your ePortfolio with your faculty, advisors, family, friends and potential employers. For instructions on how to do this, view the tutorial titled “How to Share Pages and Collections.”.
What is feedback?
Each ePortfolio page has a section for other users to leave feedback or comments. Users must be logged into ePortfolio in order to place feedback on another user’s page. A user can also not allow comments or feedback to be placed on any page by adjusting the settings within sharing.”
How can my ePortfolio help me outside of my coursework?
Your ePortfolio can function like an educational passport, showing where you have been and what you have learned. You can use this digital passport to apply for internships, scholarships, graduate schools and jobs.
If I share my ePortfolio page with the public, and then change it to private, will my information still be found by search engines like Google?
While changing your settings back to private will make your page unavailable when it is clicked, some information may still be displayed by search engines when it picks up parts of your ePortfolio that were once public. There are some work-arounds to try to get this information removed:

• Contact the search engine to request that the information be removed. Here is the request form for Google.

• Remove the personal content from page, then make it public again so the search engine can re-index it. After it is re-indexed without the sensitive information, make it private again and re-add the sensitive information.

Before making your page(s) accessible to the public ePortfolio, keep in mind that it is difficult to remove information once the search engine crawlers have found them. It is best not to post sensitive information such as your address or U number. Consider omitting an contact information you do not want public on the resume you post to ePortfolio.
How do I add content, create a group, add friends, create a blog, and more?
See our tutorials page for step-by-step instructions to answer all your "How To" questions! If you would like a tutorial on a topic that has not yet been covered, please email us at acadtech@pace.edu
What are Tags and how are they used?
Tags allow you to include a user defined classification scheme for your ePortfolio Pages. You can add individual words or phrases. Multiple tags can be added and must be separated by a comma. For example, if your artefact was a Biology assignment, you might add the following tags:

Biology, Assignment, Semester 1

Usage Tip: When you next go to upload an Artefact, you can click on Show my tags to view a list of all tags you have previously used. This can save time if you frequently need to upload Artefacts with the same tags. Simply click on any relevant existing tags, and they will be added to your new Artefact.
Over time your tags list will develop into a comprehensive list of keywords for your Artefacts and will aid the search process.
What does it mean to add a page to my watchlist?
The link to add a page to your watchlist is under the feedback section at the bottom of a user's ePortfolio. (Click "Add page to watchlist"). If a page is on your watchlist you receive a notification when the author changes the page.
What are ePortfolio Groups?
Groups are ePortfolio users that are related in some way. You can see the groups you own or are a member of, as well as groups you have been invited to or have asked to join by clicking the green "Groups" tab at the top of the page. When in a group, you can share your views with the other members, and join in with group activities like forums.
What if I run out of storage space?
In your files section under the “Content” tab, you might notice a section on the right hand side of the page that says quota. This should tell you how much storage you have used and how much you have left. If you are low on storage space, you can add more by emailing us at acadtech@pace.edu.
What are ePortfolio Journals?
ePortfolio allows the user to create one or more journals under the “Content” tab and place them on any page within your ePortfolio. The user can add as many entries to their journals as they need and can do this directly from the edit mode of whatever page that journal has been placed on. For more information on how to create journals or make journal entries, see our journal section under our ePortfolio tutorial page.
Can I create more pages in my ePortfolio?
Yes, you are not restricted to the default pages provided initially. Feel free to add as many pages to your ePortfolio as necessary. Additionally, you can rename, or delete any of the default pages.
What is a Collection?
A collection is a set of pages that are linked to one another, share the same access permissions and are separate from your primary set of ePortfolio pages. Collections are essentially like having more than one ePortfolio and users are able to create as many collections as they need. Collections can be created and accessed under the Portfolio tab.
Where can I edit my personal information?
Underneath “Profile” in the “Content” tab you can enter contact, general, and personal information at your discretion.
I suddenly cannot edit my pages. When I try to edit them, they appear blank. What happened and how can it be fixed?
There may be a bad character on the page that is causing this. Carefully check the file name of each file you may have published to that page and make sure there are no characters in it other than letters, numbers and a dash. Also check and make sure each of your files have an extension, like .doc or .docx or .ppt. To check your file names, click the Content tab, then click Files. Here you can click the gray pencil next to each file and adjust the file names, removing any bad characters. For more assistance, contact the ITS HelpDesk at 914-773-3333. Click here to read more about this issue: Quick Tip: Watch Your File Names! If you still need help, email us at acadtech@pace.edu.
How can I ensure I don't lose my work in ePortfoio?
Be sure to type text in Word documents before adding to text boxes in ePortfolio. It is a best practice to save this document
Who do I contact if I need help with my ePortfolio?
For step-by-step instructions on general ePortfolio tasks, consult our tutorials on http://www.pace.edu/information-technology-services/services/eportfolio/tutorials
If you are in need of further assistance, contact our offices at acadtech@pace.edu

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