ePortfolio FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

[+] What is an ePortfolio?

[+] What should I put in my ePortfolio?

[+] How can I set one up?

[+] How long will I have access to my ePortfolio at Pace?

[+] Who can view my ePorfolio?

[+] What is Feedback?

[+] How can my ePortfolio help me outside of my coursework?

[+] Who do I contact if I need help with my ePortfolio?

[+] If I share my ePortfolio page with the public, and then change it to private, will my information still be found by search engines like Google?

[+] How do I add content, create a group, add friends, create a blog, and more?

[+] What are Tags and how are they used?

[+] What does it mean to add a page to my watchlist?

[+] What are ePortfolio Groups?

[+] What if I run out of storage space?

[+] What are ePortfolio Journals?

[+] Can I create more pages in my ePortfolio?

[+] What is a collection?

[+] Where can I edit my personal information?

[+] I suddenly cannot edit my pages. When I try to edit them, they appear blank. What happened and how can it be fixed?