ePortfolio Advisory Board

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The following members of the advisory board contribute towards establishing the direction and content of the grant. Names are listed in alphabetical order, including primary and (in some cases) secondary campuses are to the right of each name:

  • Linda Anstendig, Professor, Dyson College of Arts & Sciences (PLV)
  • Karen Berger, Professor, Lubin School of Business (PLV)
  • Martina Blackwood, Manager for Instructional Technology , Dyson College of Arts & Sciences  (NYC/PLV)
  • Jean Coppola, Associate Professor, Seidenberg School of CSIS (NYC)
  • Francine Falk-Ross, Associate Professor of the school of Education (PLV)
  • Sarah Burns Feyl, Assistant University Librarian, University Libraries (NYC/PLV)
  • Beth Gordon, Executive Director for Academic Technology (PLV)
  • Shannon Haick, Associate Director, Academic Resource  (NYC)
  • Bernice Houle, Associate Dean, Seidenberg School of CSIS (PLV)
  • Paul Kurnit, Professor, Lubin School of Business (PLV)
  • Sandra Lewenson, Professor of Nursing, College of Health Related Professions (PLV)
  • Shawn Livingston, Associate Director, Student Development and Campus Activites  (PLV)
  • Marie Londrigan, Professor, Leinhard School of Nursing  (PLV)
  • Susan Maxam, University Director of Student Success, Academic Reources (PLV/NYC)
  • Lisa Bardill Moscaritolo, Dean for Students, Student Affairs (PLV)
  • Barbara Pennipede, Assistant VP, Planning, Assessment and Research  (NYC/PLV)
  • Michelle Behling Pulaski, Assistant Professor, Dyson College of Art & Science  (PLV)
  • Marijo Russell-O'Grady, Dean for Students, Student Affairs (NYC)
  • Joe Ryan, Professor, Dyson College of Arts & Sciences (PLV)
  • Jim Stenerson, Executive Director, Center for Teaching, Learning, & Technology (PLV/NYC)

If you are interested in attending an advisory board meeting, please contact Beth Gordon (bgordon@pace.edu) or Linda Anstendig (lanstendig@pace.edu), the co-Directors of the ePortfolio Program.



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