Blackboard Collaborate

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 How Could Blackboard Collborate Fit Into Your Course?

1.    Try having virtual office hours
2.    Assign group work in Collaborate – use break out rooms to facilitate
3.    Use Collaborate to bring in guest speakers or join classes
4.    Bring in Support Services via Collaborate (such as library, tutoring, career services)
5.    Hold student meetings
6.    Use Collaborate for brainstorming sessions or polling


Getting Started with Blackboard Collaborate


Video Tutorials:


Frequently Asked Questions


[+] How do I create a Blackboard Collaborate session?

[+] What do I need to participate in a Blackboard Collaborate session?

[+] Can I access Blackboard Collaborate from my mobile device?

[+] Is there a way for me to rehearse a Blackboard Collaborate session?

[+] What else can I do to prepare for a Blackboard Collaborate session?

[+] How do I enter a session when I am ready to begin?

[+] I am unable to load a Blackboard Collaborate session. What should I do?

[+] I cannot hear anyone in the session and/or they cannot hear me.

[+] I cannot view anyone’s webcam in the session and/or they cannot view me.

[+] Where can I find my recording?

[+] The session has ended, but my recording is not showing up.


Blackboard Collaborate Help

  • Click here to access the Blackboard Collaborate on Demand Learning Center (for both participants and moderators)
  • All users should complete the Tech Check to make sure all system requirements are up to date.
  • For support with Blackboard Collaborate, click here.
  • To schedule a training session, please contact


Blackboard Collaborate Mobile Application

Click here to download the Blackboard Collaborate Mobile Application!

  • Students can use this app to participate in Blackboard Collaborate sessions.
  • Click here to view the suggested practices for using the app.