Energy Saving Checklist

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 Review document drafts and e-mails on screen instead of printing them out.
  • Set your monitor to turn off after 10 minutes when not in used instead of using screensavers. See Enabling Power Mangement steps.
   Green  Turn off all periperals (scanners, speakers) until the are to be used.
  • Choose dark backgroups for your screen display.
   Green  Do not turn on the printer until you are ready to print out your documents.
  • Reduce the light level in the room when working on the computer
   Green  Network/share printers when possible.
  • Print on recycled-content paper.
   Green  Use double-sided printing functions available.
  • E-mail communications as an alternative to paper memos and fax documents unless sensitive information is present. Sensitive material should be sent as a password protected file with the password sent in a separate e-mail from the attachment. Also, communicate using listserv discussion groups as an alternative.

  *Some of this information was adapted from material by Ohio University.