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Sign Up to the ITS Notices Listserv
If you are not already signed upfor the ITNotices-L Listserv, sign up now and receive future newsflash notices and other ITS updates! For instructions, click the following: Subscribe for News and Notices.

Sign Up for the PaceAlert Emergency Notification System!
Please remember to enroll in or update your PaceAlert information to make sure you get the latest emergency notifications either through your e-mail or phone!  To sign up, please go to:   For more information or questions on the PaceAlert Emergency Notification System, please click on the following link: PaceAlert FAQ.

Spam Alert
Please be aware that spam e-mail may periodically end up in your mailbox. These types of messages may try to disguise themselves as authentic emails, by spoofing “From” addresses from people we know or known companies. They will ask you send them personal informational because something might be wrong with your account, such as exceeded storage or insufficient information. Some messages might also ask you to help various causes by donating money or sending banking information.

It is important that you DO NOT respond to the request in the e-mail as they are spam. In addition, for any suspicious e-mail messages, do not click on any of the links, attachments, or respond with any type of personal information.

To keep your information safe, never share your account information and/or passwords with anyone. ITS or Pace University will never ask for your personal information through e-mail nor will any other legitimate sources.

For more information on Spam Alert, please click here: Spam Alert.

Blackboard Mobile Learn App
If you haven’t heard BlackBoard Mobile Learn App is here for the following devices on all cellular carriers such as the Android,Blackberry, iDevices (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad), and PalmFor more details, please check out April 2011’s ITS Newsflash: Blackboard Mobile Details.

Wireless: Auto-configuration for Pace_Secure using Pace_Connect
Configuring your device for Pace_Secure has been made simple! ITS has made XpressConnect by Cloudpath available to Pace wireless users.  Running XpressConnect is a one-time process and provides automatic configuration of wireless devices that connect to the Pace_Secure network.   Simply connect your device to the Pace_Connect wireless network to begin the auto-configuration process. For more detailed instructions, please visit the following page: Configuring Wireless. Please Note:  If you are already configured for Pace_Secure or you are using a Pace-owned machine that is on the domain, you do not have to make any changes. In addition, the PWN wireless network is no longer available.

Guest Wireless Account for Pace Visitors Needing to Access the Internet
ITS offers a self-service system for Pace Students, faculty, and staff to generate wireless/wired network guest accounts for individuals who are visiting Pace University for a limited time and would like to access the internet.  A Pace sponsor can either request a new account, or make changes to accounts that have already been requested. For more information click here or from the Account Services page, select Guest Accounts/Request an Account (standard guest accounts expire after 7 days).  Please note: Faculty and staff can also use the self-service system to create multiple/bulk guest accounts as well as obtain additional IT services (i.e. Blackboard, e-mail, Banner, etc.).  Also, for security purposes, users must close out of all open browsers to complete the sign out process.

Not sure who to call? Contact the Pace Information Center (PIC)
The Pace Information Center (PIC) is your single source of information for any question about the university.  To reach PIC, dial 311 from any internal administrative Pace phone, or 1-855-PACE311 (1-855-722-3311) from off-campus.  From student accounts, security, events, or IT, the PIC can answer your questions and get you the help that you need.  If they can’t answer your question, they will be sure to put you in touch with a live person who can help you.  If the staff member is unable to answer the caller’s question or is unable to connect them with the appropriate individual/department, they will have the ability to submit an online Help Desk ticket at on behalf of the caller.