December 2011 Newsflash

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Pace Unviversity’s Mobile Page

ITS offers an easy-to-use mobile web page for final exams, room assignments, and bus schedules that can be accessed on mobile devices that have internet capability. To access the Final Exam Schedule, Room Assignments, Bus Schedule and/or Bus Survey mobile web page from your phone, please go to http://m.pace.eduPlease Note: This utility is a work in progress which is subject to upgrades as we receive user feedback and additional data.

Browser Compatibility for Pace Systems

It is important to note that there are many browsers and various versions out there.  We do our best to ensure the latest browsers are compatible with our systems; however, there are times where the application products may not have caught up with the latest browsers available.  It is therefore, important to note which versions and browsers you are using to access Pace systems.  Please see the supported browsers for some key applications:

Pace System

Supported PC Browser

Supported Mac Browser

MyPace Portal (

  • Internet Explorer (IE) 8.0+

(Make sure to have Compatibility View Turned Off)

  • Mozilla Firefox 4.0+
  • Mozilla Firefox 4.0+




Web Help Desk


  • Mozilla Firefox 4.0+
  • Mozilla Firefox 4.0+

*If there are any issues or concerns, please report them to the ITS Help Desk at (914) 773-3333 ( or online at

ITS Conference Presentations

Pace University staff members work on a multitude of projects and programs throughout the year.  Some of our ITS staff have had the opportunity to present their work and share their successes and experiences at various conferences during the Fall semester.

Sloan-C Conference on Online Learning

Beth Gordon Klingner and Samantha Egan presented on the following topic:

Shrinking the Distance in Distance Learning: Using ePortfolios to Close the Gap in Online Courses

Abstract Summary: ePortfolios offer a solution to the obstacles of online learning by providing a space where students can post coursework, co-curricular activities and professional materials. The presentation demonstrated best practices of teaching with ePortfolios and shared benefits for both instructors and students.

ePortfolios in Learning and Instruction,  International ePortfolio Workshop, in Freiburg, Germany

Linda Anstendig, Beth Gordon Klingner and Samantha Egan submitted a presentation on the following topic:

ePortfolios & Faculty Development: Charting the Impact on Teaching, Learning & Campus Culture

Abstract Summary: The presentation looked at the variety of methods Pace’s ePortfolio leadership team had undertaken to encourage faculty to re-evaluate their current teaching strategies and to explore how using ePortfolios can have a positive impact on student learning. They took an in-depth look at the variety of ways we have reached out to faculty, from the most basic to more intimate levels .

NorthEast User Conference

Tony Soares and Michael Leone presented on the following topic:

Pace University and Echo 360

Presentation Summary: The presentation covered how we piloted, deployed, and support the use of the lecture capture technology in our classrooms.  In addition, the session also covered how lecture capture technology could be used beyond the classroom for instructional captures, presentations, etc.

Save the Date! Pace Tech Expo (PLV) – March 28th, 2012

Last year ITS held our first ever Pace Tech Expo on the New York Campus at 1 Pace Plaza.  This year we are looking forward to another great event on the Pleasantville campus!  Please mark your calendars for Wednesday, March 28th!  For more information, visit