Information Technology Services

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Information Technology Services (ITS) supports Pace University's core academic mission through the effective use of information technology for Teaching & Learning, Research, and to enhance the student experience. ITS provides technology and infrastructure support services for academic, research, administrative computing, and the university's telecommunications, networking services and information security.

Teaching & Learning | Student Technology Services | Mobile Computing
Email & Calendar | Document Services & Printing | Communication & Collaboration
IT Security | Business Applications (Admin IT) | Enterprise Reporting & Analytics
Networks, Wifi & Telecommunications | TV and Media | Web Services

The Information Technology Services (ITS) division serves as Pace University’s central organization for technology services and systems. ITS staff support a wide range of University initiatives to assist students, faculty, and staff.  

ITS delivers:

  • high level of customer SERVICE to the Pace community
  • SUPPORT for departments and individuals via the ITS Help Desk, IMO program, and Walk-in locations
  • SECURE access to systems, electronic information, and email
  • assistance in ENABLING Academic INNOVATION  in teaching and learning
  • opportunities for partnerships and development via campus-wide technologies and applications
  • IT training opportunities via instructor-led sessions, online courses, and self-help documentation
  • ADVANCED network and voice infrastructure to support effective COMMUNICATION and COLLABORATION
  • timely IT news and updates using listservs, IT Status page, social media, and the website

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