Programming Points

The next programming raffle will be Wednesday, December 4, 2013 at 9:30p.m. in the Gym.  You must be present during the raffle to be eligible to win prizes.  This event is by invitation only so be sure to check your PACE e-mail.  You can check how many points you have earned this semester by checking your Reslutions account.

Every student who is invited will be given Pace swag and the opportunity to win prizes throughout the event.  Additionally, depending on the amount of points you have earned, you are eligible for the following prizes depending on your point level.   

What are program points?

  • For almost every program you attend, you will receive points that will go toward rewards you may receive throughout the year.

What are programs worth?

  • 1 Point - RA Programs, Hosting a Pace Preview Student, and certain OHRL co-sponsored programs with other Pace University departments.

  • 2 Points - RHA/Hall Council Events, Faculty in Resident Programs (Dr. Brian Events) and guest speaker events.

  • 3 Points - Housing Legacy Events.

What do I get with all these points?

  • Free Pace housing gear. 

  • The opportunity to be invited to our raffle and giveaway events.

  • Opportunities for a "room selection bump" during room selection. 

Congratulations to the Spring 2013 raffle winners