Resident Assistant Position Description


The Resident Assistant (RA) is a live-in student staff member of the Office of Residential Life.  The RA assists with the Residential Life program and operations in a residence hall and has specific responsibility for working with students in an assigned section.  As such, the RA is the primary facilitator of community development within his/her/hir section.


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Applicants must be undergraduate students enrolled in degree-granting programs or students enrolled in the final year of a 5th year program or other graduate program.  Undergraduate RAs must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits and a maximum of 18 credits per semester during the tenure of employment. 5th Year or Graduate level RAs must be enrolled full-time as described by their program.
  • Applicants must have at least a 2.50 Overall CQPA (2.75 CQPA is preferred).  Thereafter, RAs must also maintain at least a 2.50 Overall CQPA and Semester QPA to continue as a staff member.
  • Applicants must be free of any current University judicial sanction.  Additionally, RAs must remain in excellent disciplinary standing throughout the period of employment. 
  • Applicants must have lived in a residence hall for at least one full semester at the time of application or have equivalent experience living in a residential community environment.



In return for the successful completion of the duties and responsibilities outlined in the Resident Assistant Agreement and meeting all conditions and expectations of employment, RAs will receive:

  • All Resident Assistants will recieve:
    • A Waiver of Single Room Charge
    • A "Bronze Level" Meal Plan (valued at $1,600) per semester of employment


In addition to the remuneration detailed above, RAs receive additional compensation in the following forms:

  • Training in basic counseling, programming, administrative and leadership skills. 
  • Potential involvement in the developing and evaluating the programs offered by Residential Life and its associated policies and operations.
  • Chances to attend workshops and conferences to enhance the personal and professional development.
  • References and/or recommendations, upon request, for future positions upon successful fulfillment of job responsibilities.
  • Opportunities to be a part of a team, develop as part of a staff, and work with a diverse group of people.


If you are hired for the RA position and you receive need-based financial assistance, the residence hall room waiver and meal plan will be included as a part of your financial assistance package.  This compensation, combined with any other financial aid, cannot exceed the cost of tuition.  Therefore, an RA will not receive any cash value for awards exceeding the total cost of tuition.  If you have questions regarding the effect the residence room waiver and the meal plan upon your aid package, please speak with your financial aid counselor.  Any specific impact can be determined only by the Office of Student Assistance, located in the Administrative Center of the Pleasantville Campus (x3751).  Also, applicants should be sure to file their FAFSA in a timely fashion, as completion of the FAFSA is require before any RA compensation can be posted.


Items Worth Noting:

The dates of the Resident Assistant Agreement will be from August 15th, 2014 through May 31st, 2015.  For the purposes of training and building readiness, RAs are expected to arrive prior to the scheduled semester Move In dates.  RAs are also expected to remain on campus after the official Move Out dates.  Specific dates will be provided.

While in the position, RAs may have no more than 15 hours total of external commitments including but not limited to outside employment, student club or organization involvement, athletic team participation, internships, external internships, etc.  Additionally, RAs may not hold the position of President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer or New Member Educator within a social Greek letter organization.  Finally, Students cannot be a first year RA and a first year Orientation Leader in the same summer.  Due to duty responsibilities within the building, RAs can have no more than two night classes and should not enroll in a course on Monday evenings after 7:00pm to accommodate for regularly scheduled staff meetings.