Room Selection: Frequently Asked Questions

How does “My Housing” work?

Please review the “MyHousing” information available on the "Critical Details" page

Do I get a discount on my room rate if my room is smaller than someone else’s room

No.  Size is just one factor influencing which rooms are more sought after than others.  Our rates, however, are the same for similar room types (not rooms that are exactly the same in dimension) within a given building (there is a differential between first year and upper class housing rates).  Room rates for singles, doubles, triples and larger rooms in each building are posted prior to room selection, and they are listed in the housing agreement, and they apply regardless of the dimensions of the room.

What if I require Special Accommodations

Students who believe they require special housing accommodations for a non-medical reason are welcome to meet with the director of housing in advance of room selection to make that request.  Students who have a medical need for special accommodations should utilize the medical accommodations process.

What if I am late with my application or deposit?

Contact the director of housing in the housing office immediately.  Students who miss either the initial deposit or application deadlines may be refered to the Late Room Selection Process.  Students who miss the deadlines for the late process and apply or deposit after May 1 will be placed on the NON-GUARANTEED RETURNING STUDENT WAITLIST.

What if I deposit and apply, but don’t select a room online?  What if I miss the room selection process?

Contact the director of housing in the housing office immediately.  Students who fail to participate in online room selection can be placed on the GUARANTEED HOUSING WAITLIST if they take action before the end of April.

Students who do not participate in room selection and who do not contact the director of housing before the end of April will not be placed in housing.  These students must complete a housing cancellation form to receive a refund of their deposit.  If they later choose to pursue housing, they must contact the director of housing and have their application added to the NON-GUARANTEED RETURNING STUDENT WAITLIST.

What if I don’t like the room I had to select?

Students who are not happy with the room assignment they select during online room selection may submit a room transfer request through betweem May 1 and June 1.  These requests will be reviewed throughout the summer, and as preferred accommodations become available (through the attrition we normally experience during the summer) we will reassign students according to the preferences they indicate.  These preferences are met in ROOM SELECTION NUMBER order.

In the past, we have been able to grant between 60% and 80% of the reassignment requests we receive during the summer, but we CANNOT guarantee that we can meet all requests.  It is especially difficult to accommodate very specific preferences (e.g. “single only”, or “Fulton Double only with a specific roommate”).  The broader the preferences a student indicates, the more likely we will be able to reassign them during the summer.

What if no rooms are available when I pick?

If no spaces are available when it is your time to select, or if there are no options that you find acceptable, you have two choices:

  • Any student may simply not complete room selection.  If a student does not select a room and wishes to cancel their application and receive a refund of their deposit, they must complete a housing cancellation form.
  • If you still need housing, select a space in the “GUARANTEED RETURNING STUDENT WAITLIST”.  This is a building option during room selection.  It is not an actual building (obviously) but rather a place to indicate that you are signing up for housing, and you will allow us to place you in a space once we have openings.  Signing up for the “GUARANTEED RETURNING STUDENT WAITLIST” DOES guarantee you housing.  Please remember that roommate connectons made through MyHousing do not transfer to the "GUARANTEED RETURNING STUDENT WAITLIST”.

What if I am in class when my room selection appointment occurs?

You can participate in room selection any time AFTER your room selection appointment.  It will be accessible every night from 7PM to 9AM starting on Monday April 8through April 22nd (It will not be accessible between the hours of 9AM and 7PM to allow the housing office access.

Also, if you are part of a pair or larger group of students who have linked housing applications, one of the others in your group can select for you at the appointed time.

I am graduating in May 2014 and I received a Room Selection Number, was I suppose to? 

Yes, ALL current residents in housing received a Room Selection Number, regardless if you are graduating or not.  The Office of Housing and Residential Life wants to ensure that anyone that is currently placed in the residents halls will have the opportunity to go through the process if wanted.  Some students will go on to graduate school or additional undergraduate work in the fall, and they remain eligible for housing.  If you do not plan to be enrolled at Pace in the fall, you can simply disregard the selection process.

I am a new student at Pace and transferred just this semester (Spring 2014) my credits haven’t been accepted from my other institution, can they?

Yes, they can.   You make an appeal to the director of housing (by email, or by visiting him in the housing office) in order to have yuor outside credits count toward the calculation of your RSN (room selection number).

I noticed that my credits I am taking for Spring 2014 don’t count towards my class standing, why?

Since you have not completed those courses and need a passing grade for those credits to count towards your class standing we only use credits acquired through Fall 2013.

I live on the Pleasantville campus; can I select a room during the NYC process?

Yes, you may.  You would go through the process like any one of our NYC residents.  Once you submit your deposit at OSA, contact the director of housing in the NYC campus (212.346.1295) to alert them that you intend to apply for NYC housing.  You may then complete the online application, and you can indicate NYC as your campus of choice.  From that point on, you will receive emails and directions for how to complete the process just like all the other students participating in room selection.

I currently don’t live in a residence hall at Pace, NYC or Pleasantville; can I go through Room Selection Process?

No, this process is ONLY for those students that live on campus during the Spring 2014 semester.  If you are a current Pace Student but yuo are not currentlyin housing, please contact the director of housing by May 1, and he will work with you to be guaranteed housing (although you will not be permitted to select a room online).  After May 1 all remaining housing for new first-year and transfer students.  For this reason, new housing applications received from current Pace students after May 1 will be placed on the NON-GUARANTEED RETURNING STUDENT WAITLIST.

I have a medical need and I told someone in the Office of Housing and Residential Life, is that good enough?

No, you must complete the medical accommodations application process as outlined in the medical accommodations process.

My class standing is higher than what the Office of Housing and Residential Life has listed, how do I go about changing that?

You must have some form of official documentation from Pace University that states you have a higher class standing or more credits that aren’t currently listed as part of your Room Selection Number.  Please bring the official documentation to the Housing Office at 106 Fulton, a copy will be made and given to the Director for approval. 

Which semester are cumulative GPAs generated from in order to create my Room Selection Number?

All cumulative GPAs have been taken as of the end of the Fall 2013 semester. 

If I am not in good financial standing with the Office of Student Assistants and/or the Financial Aid Office can I go through Room Selection Process?

No, you must be in good standing with both offices. Please contact and work with those offices directly to bring your account(s) up to par.

What are my chances of getting a single?  A double?  A closed quad in Fulton?

We do not make predictions about the odds of any one student (or group of students) being able to select the kind or room they want and/or the building of their choice.  That being said, certain types of premium rooms (singles, doubles, etc.) tend to be selected early by those with the highest room selection numbers, and are therefore less likely to be available later in the process.

If I pick my room during Room Selection Process but then change my mind, how do I cancel my housing application?

You need to submit a Housing Cancellation Form.  This form is available through the housing website (, and through the housing office.  The amount of your pre-payment (deposit) that is refunded to you (if any) is based on WHEN you submit this form.  The earlier housing is cancelled, the greater a percentage of the deposit will be refunded.

If I am in the Honors Program, is there special consideration for my placement?

There is no selection appointment advantage for honors students, but we are once again reserving a floor for honors students (this year, the upper-class honors floor will be located in the new 182 Broadway building).  Only honors students will be eligible to reserve rooms on those floors.  That floor will be supported programmatically by the honors program, just as the honors floor in Maria’s Tower is.

Do I automatically get the same room as I had this semester if I am an upperclassman?

No, you do not.  You would go through the process according to your Room Selection Number and the time and date you are assigned. There is no “SQUATTING” your room.

How do I connect to a roommate for the room selection process?

Please review the “MyHousing” information on the CRITICAL DETAILS Section of the Room Selection webpage

What if I require medical Accommodations

Please review the “medical accommodations process” section of the Room Selection webpage

What theme floor options are available to returning students?

Please review the “Theme Floors” information on the HOUSING OPTIONS Section of the Room Selection webpage