Honors College Directors


Honors College Advisors:

Dr. William Offutt


Faculty Advisor of the Pforzheimer Honors College, NYC campus

Associate Professor of History

Bill Offutt was born in Washington DC , graduated from Stanford University as a History major in 1976, and then graduated from Stanford Law School in 1979.  Despite passing the California Bar, he decided not to practice law but rather went to graduate school at Johns Hopkins University in early American history, where he received his Ph.D. in 1987.  After three years of academic wandering, with one year in Tacoma, Washington and two in Waco, Texas, he came to Pace as an Assistant Professor in1990.  His book, Of Good Laws and Good Men:  Law and Society in the Delaware Valley 1680-1710, was published in 1995 and helped him get tenured and promoted to Associate Professor.  Since the book came out, his research has turned to colonial New York; in addition he has used that knowledge to teach a course on "NYC History and Culture" in Pace's New York City Summer Internship program.  He served as the Pforzheimers Honors College Director from 2001-2007.