Beyond the classroom


On both the New York City and Pleasantville campuses, you may elect to live in designated Freshman Honors Areas with Honors Students.

Connecting to careers: Cooperative education. Pace's cooperative education component includes experiental learning through co-op placements, community outreach, service learning, and Pace's extensive alumni network. These programs enable students to connect classroom theory with real-world practice.

Pace Honors students are guaranteed internships. You have the opportunity to participate in Pace's prestigious NYC Summer Internship Program, putting theory into practice in the business, government or nonprofit sector. A semester-long Washington, D.C. internship is offered through the Institute for Experiential Learning and is well suited for students interested in government, public policy, law, international affairs, journalism, communication, the arts and women's studies. Many other opportunities for internships and experiential learning in the U .S. and abroad are available through each academic department and Pace Career Services.

Getting outside your culture: Guaranteed study abroad. All Pace Honors students are guaranteed the opportunity to study abroad for an academic year, a semester or a short-term tour led by a member of the Pace Honors faculty. Immersion in another culture is a deliberate mind-opener and a challenge to see the world from different perspectives. Pace's study abroad is seminal to finding your place as a global citizen in a world economy. Pace tuition covers most of these experiences, with all merit scholarships and Federal aid intact.

Living together: First Year Honors Dorms on both campuses. On both the New York City and Pleasantville campuses, you may elect to begin your education at Pace by living in designated First-Year Honors Areas with other Honors students. This congenial residential life fosters camaraderie within the Honors community. Dinners with Honors faculty and guest lecturers, as well as other special programs, enhance the community experience.