We are thrilled that our former Honors student, Olivia Drabczyk, (Pleasantville alumnus 2011) will share a few remarks on this year’s theme – Justice.


Fulbright Scholars:

 Name/Year of Graduation  Major/Minor  Country 

 Research Project  

 Raj Shrestha / '07  Major: Management  Nepal  Microfinance: Learning from the Failures

 Peter Karellas / '05

 Major: Psychology

Minor: Management

 Macedonia  Evaluate the Conditions children Face and Develop a Plan for Psycho-Social Services
 Kim Misevis / '03  Major: Communications

Minor: Political Science
 South Korea  Teaching English as a Second Language
 Vivienne Tedesco / '02

 Major: Biology

Minor: Chemisty

 Canada   The Role of RB in Cell Differentiation

Lang Student Researchers:

 Name  Class   Major
 Eshwar Udho  Class of 2003  Biochemistry
 Vivienne Tedesco  Class of 2002  Biology

Where Honors Pleasantville Students Have Studied Abroad

Summer 2011
Semester at Sea

Spring 2011

Fall 2010

         Spring 2010       
   Semester at Sea

       Winter 2010      

             Fall 2009            

      Summer 2009    
   Semester at Sea

       Pace University's Trustee's Award, PLV:

Presented to the student whose positive contributions to University life and whose academic accomplishments exemplify the highest level of achievement attainable for an undergraduate.

 Name  Class  Major
Vincent Birkenmeyer and Christopher Racioppo Class of 2011 History/Computer Science
Christopher Uhlick Class of 2010 Public Accounting
Michael DeRario and Charko Patterson Class of 2009 Marketing/Management
Christopher Keogh Class of 2008 Education

 Dov Magit

 Class of 2007  Political Science
 Rosanna Capalbo  Class of 2006  Political Science
 Timur Rakhmanov  Class of 2005  Finance

 Charles J. Bilangino

 Class of 2004  Public Accounting
 Kim Misevis  Class of 2003  Communications
 Jessica Rubin  Class of 2002  Public Accounting
 Allison Maria Horan  Class of 2001  English/Communications
 Cindy W. Chu  Class of 2000  Chemistry

 Nadine Mentor

 Class of 1999  Political Science

Community Service Award:

Name Class Major
Olivia Drabczyk Class of 2011 Applied Psychology
Dinetta Sprolling Class of 2010 Philosophy and Religous Studies
Samantha Mann Class of 2009 Applied Psychology
Nicole Papaioannou Class of 2008 English an Communications
Meaghan Wagner Class of 2007 English

Presented to the undergraduate student whose active contributions to the life of the University community, and to the endeavors of our neighbors in the surrounding community, most admirably embody and an appreciationfor the value of social responsibility.