Womens Basketball Game with the Cottage School

            The Pace Setters commemorated their senior teammates with a pivotal win over the American International College Yellow Jackets on Wednesday, February 24, 2010.  On this evening Pace’s own Pforzheimer Honors College hosted an event inviting its great friends from the Pleasantville Cottage School to attend and enjoy the basketball game with some good-spirited Pace students.
            Pace’s senior night brought to Pleasantville enthusiastic cheers for the lady Setters when they shot passed the AIC Yellow Jackets. As the basketball game’s intensity level grew, the children from the PCS found themselves in synchronized chants of “DE-FENSE! DE-FENSE! DE-FENSE!” Their illuminating team spirit was reminiscent of a home crowd in a very close championship game.

            At the conclusion of the first half, with the Lady Setters up by two points, it was time to celebrate! T-Bone, the Pace mascot, invited a few of the PCS children over to the basketball court and began to break dance with them. The robot seemed to be the dance of choice, and the smiles around the gym were priceless.
Somehow, the great aura brought in by the children must have reflected on to the performance of the Lady Setters for the second half. A game that started extremely close, ended up a blow out.  Not to say that the Yellow Jackets did not play well, but who can compete against the Lady Setters with such an enthusiastic crowd? Congrats to the Lady Setters and congratulations to all of the senior Setters who were commemorated on such a wonderful night!