Pilates Workshop


As the Spring 2010 semester approaches its end, Honors students relieved some of their pre-final stress with a Pilates event that took place on Thursday, April 22, 2010, in Goldstein Fitness Center.  The workshop was led by instructor Laurice Nemetz, who first gave the students a brief introduction about the history of Pilates.  She informed students that Pilates was introduced by a German man named Joseph Pilates.
                  Ms Nemetz began the workshop by showing students some basic Pilates moves.   She explained how to properly breathe during the techniques that students were doing.  With soothing music in the background, students did techniques that engaged various muscles in the body, particularly the core abdominal muscles.  In addition to showing students the basic Pilates position, Ms Nemetz also demonstrated a slight modification to each move so that if they wanted to, students could challenge themselves a little more.
                 Ms Nemetz ended the workshop by dimming the lights and encouraging students to try one more pose.  Once again, Ms Nemetz showed students two options for the final pose.  With their eyes closed and breathing focused, students were in a state of utter relaxation as they cleared their minds of whatever stress or worries they had.  I personally found the workshop very relaxing and I am sure the other students who participated found that it was a good way to spend an hour away from their homework and studying.

                   This coming Fall semester, Ms Nemetz will be teaching an Honors class, Yoga, Pilates, and Your Body, on Mondays 9:05 am to 12:10 pm.  In addition to actually practicing the disciplines of Yoga and Pilates, the class will include lectures about the history and benefits of these practices.  For those who cannot fit that class into their schedule, Ms Nemetz also teaches weekly classes for leisure in the Aerobics Room in Goldstein.