Honors Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg hunt 2010            On Sunday, March 21, 2010, the Pforzheimer Honors College annual Easter Egg Hunt with the Pleasantville Cottage School Children took place. Prior to the children’s arrival, some of the students who work in the Honors office hid over 300 eggs on the lawn in front of Miller Hall. The young children from the Cottage School arrived excited and ready to go.
            The children gathered in Gottesman Room in Kessel Student Center, where they were greeted by the Honors College students who were waiting for them.  The children were then divided into groups of two, and began to dye eggs.  The PCS children were very creative as they dyed eggs multiple colors and decorated them with various stickers.
            After they were satisfied with their products, the children left their eggs to dry and were directed to take part in the actual egg hunt.  The groups were each assigned a different color plastic egg and told to begin the hunt for their eggs. The first group to find all fifty of their eggs won a big chocolate bunny. Every team was a winner in the end, because the eggs they found were all filled with candy.
            The next event was the egg toss. Each team consisted of an Honors student and a Cottage School child. Two games were played, both won by the same team.  They were the recipients of a large chocolate bunny. 
            After the winners ceremony, where the children were presented their large chocolate bunnies,  the event came to a close.  Everyone involved enjoyed a great day, the children had their candy and the Honors students had the satisfaction of bringing joy into the hearts of young children.