Wrapping Gifts for Underprivileged Children

Wrapping Gifts 2011                      With the end of the semester rapidly approaching, Honors College students suspended their busy schedules of finals and assignments to give back at what has become a traditional event of the Pforzheimer Honors College. On Tuesday, November 30, in Wilcox Gym, dozens of Honor students spread their holiday cheer for gift wrapping. The gifts were not for close friends or family, but for children living at the Pleasantville Cottage School and the Children’s Village. This event is always highly attended by Honors students.
                 I initially attended this event three years ago during my first year at Pace and the festive environment was once again as lively as ever. After everyone had their fill of pizza and soda, the event started when Acting Director Dr. Joseph Morreale thanked everyone for their attendance and for reaching out to others in the Westchester community. Ms Candida Fitts, the Director of Volunteers at the Children’s Village, spoke next. Ms. Fitts brought along her therapy dog Savannah, who has accompanied her in years past at the gift wrapping event.
                 The Children’s Village is an organization which is guided by its mission statement: “To work in partnership with families to help society’s most vulnerable children so that they become educationally proficient, economically productive, and socially responsible members of their communities.” It is a great opportunity for the Honors College to help the Children’s Village in meeting this goal.
                With all of the introductions made, it was time to let the main portion of the event commence. Over one-hundred presents were lined up along the front of the gym. Groups of people relayed presents to their respective tables and started an assembly line of compassion. Some students stuck to wrapping while others wrote cards offering their warm words about the holiday and the coming New Year.
                 As the event progressed, the pile of gifts fell and in its place an arrangement of colorful paper and bows replaced it. The event overall had an enormous turnout of students and was a reminder for many that with the holidays soon approaching, now is an important time to consider others who are in need.