Trip to Six Flags great Adventure

six flags 1                   On October 2, 2010, I had the pleasure of attending the Honors College trip to Six Flags. The group of Honors students and Professor Christopher Walther, took a Pace bus to the theme park and arrived around 12pm. After a quick briefing from Professor Walther, everyone dispersed, racing to their first thrill of the day.
                 My group of friends and I wasted no time and headed directly towards Kingda Ka, the tallest rollercoaster in the world.  After going on it twice we moved on to other classic rides like Nitro, Superman: Ultimate Flight, Batman the Ride, and El Toro, all of which make the park so amazing. I recommend these rides to everyone, whether you are a first timer or a returning thrill seeker.
                  In case people are not ready to conquer the larger rides, some more moderate ones available are Skull Mountain and Rolling Thunder.  Unfortunately, the newest ride, Green Lantern, will not be ready until 2011.  This is something to look forward to for those going next year as it is considered to be in the same category as Kingda Ka and Nitro in terms of intensity.
                    Overall, The Six Flags trip is a great opportunity to spend an entire day hanging out with friends, or making new ones, at an exciting amusement park. Not only do you get to go on all of the rides as many times as you want, or as many times as possible, but you get to do it all for a cheaper price than a regular ticket.