Make a Difference Day: Pace Reads

make a difference day 1                     On Sunday, October 17, 2010 the Honors College of Pace University, Pleasantville took on “Make a Difference Day.” A group of 15 Honors students went to the Mount Pleasant Library to read to the children of the local Pleasantville Cottage School.  Six Cottage School children attended the event and they were definitely happy and excited to be there. To begin the event, we each chose three books that we wanted to read aloud.  Most of us gravitated towards our favorite children's books from childhood, such as “The Little Critters,” “Arthur,” “The Bernstein Bears,” and the “Dr. Seuss” classics.

            We took turns reading and most of us were able to read aloud twice.  In light of the upcoming holiday, we also chose to read Fall and Halloween themed books. One that was a particular crowd favorite was “Goodnight Goon,” a spin-off of the ever so popular book, “Goodnight Moon.” To keep with the theme, we asked what the childrens’ Halloween plans were and what they planned on dressing up as this year.

            This was very much a nostalgic event and it was obvious that my fellow students enjoyed it as much as the Cottage School children. It was a means of revisiting our childhood while giving back to our local community. After our friends from the Cottage School left Honors students continued reading to other children who were in the library that day.  This was my first time attending a “Make a Difference Day” event and I have to admit it was probably one of my favorite Honors events thus far.