Honors Yoga Workshop

Yoga 2011  

                 Honors yoga has become a kind of tradition for me.  Yes, I know I am a rather large man, and yes, I know I have a hard time even touching my toes, but something about yoga is just so relaxing. 
                  The event was held on Thursday, December 9, 2010.  It began with taking shoes and socks off and grabbing a yoga mat, foam block, and a rope.  Right before we started, two students from the media department came in with cameras.  They were going to film us and take pictures for a film project to recruit new Honors College students.  This definitely made some people in the class a bit uncomfortable at first, including me.  It was interesting though, because as the class went on, and I became more and more relaxed, the two film students just faded away.
                   It was intriguing for me to watch some of the other students: a couple of them were very talented and definitely had some experience with yoga.  No matter if you are a beginner or an expert, I think I speak for everyone who attended when I say it was fun and relaxing.  That is part of the reason why I attend year after year.  With the crazy stress created by finals and essays this time during the semester, it is great to take an hour to relax through working with yoga.
                   For anyone that has experienced yoga in the past, it is a good combination of stretching, muscle endurance, and meditation.  It is not easy, but it should never be painful.  Overall the class was a success, nobody got hurt, and everyone seemed happy and less stressed.  We ended with a few minutes of silence and deep reflection.  Once we finished with that we all cleaned up, put our shoes back on, and went back to our day.
                   The instructor for the class was Prof. Laurice Nemetz who is a certified and registered experienced highly yoga teacher, a board-certified dance/movement therapist, a licensed creative arts therapist and current co-President of the YTA (Yoga Teachers’ Association).