Honors Open Meeting

                 On Monday, November 1, 2010, 51 Honors College students gathered together in Kessel’s Gottesman Room for the biannual Honors Open Meeting. Dr. Morreale welcomed the students and noted the fantastic turn out as a number of the seats were filled. Students were eager to hear the presenter, as Dr. Morreale introduced Professor Azarchs, Chair and Professor of the Economics Department with specialties in Money and Banking and Economic History.
                  As both a dynamic and knowledgeable professor, students enjoy hearing Professor Azarchs speak; this is why several students requested that he speak in this semester’s Open Meeting. Azarchs introduced himself and wasted no time before he dove into the world of Economics. As he spoke about the end of the present recession, he followed a detailed PowerPoint Presentation including charts and graphs clarifying that Economics is not only pertinent to Business majors but to all students regardless of their courses of study. Professor Azarchs was able to convey to the group that Economics affects all areas including our daily lives. Dr. Morreale kindly thanked Professor Azarchs for speaking as students awarded him with a hardy round of applause.
                  Transitioning into the business portion of the meeting, Dr. Morreale asked students to give constructive feedback on the Honors classes and professors that were available this semester. As Dr. Morreale stepped out of the room because he is currently teaching one of the Honors courses this term, Professor Walther began the discussion. Students gave personal feedback and shared anecdotes about their experiences with Honors classes this semester. Several students provided accolades to professors whom they have enjoyed and others suggested that certain classes be changed slightly to meet the needs of Honors students. Professor Walther then opened up the floor for any suggestions for Honors courses that should be offered next semester. Several students requested classes that were geared toward their major while others wanted to see courses that will broaden their knowledge and experiences with areas outside their major.
                   In closing, Dr. Morreale invited students to enjoy the tasty treats that were provided in the back of the room. On the way out, Honors students mingled with friends and faculty as they waited in line trying to make the most important decision of the day, which cookie they wanted to try first.