Dinner and Dancing with Over the Top

             Good music, good food, and free Shirley temples! That’s how I summarize my night at “Dinner and Dancing with Over the Top” on November 19, 2010. The event was held at Victor’s Restaurant in Hawthorne where I, and my fellow Honors students, spent the first half of the night feasting on delicious buffalo wings, pizza, sausage and peppers, and pasta, while enjoying some good ole’ fashioned Rock and Roll played by Over the Top. The band’s lead singer, Jessica Calamera, is one of our very own Math Education majors at Pace University!
 Pace students were not the only ones enjoying the music. A quick glance around the restaurant revealed that many of the non-Pace patrons were rocking out as well. You had everything from content head bobbing to patrons hopping out of their seats and dancing with Jess.
It was not long before students, including myself, took to the dance floor. Over the Top played a range of music that everyone could enjoy with songs ranging from Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” to “Rockin’ Robin.”  The band had a guest pianist, Pete Gallinari, join them on stage to show off his keyboard skills and give a very impressive solo, and Joe Gattuso, the lead guitarist, wowed the crowd by playing his electric guitar behind his head and with his teeth.
Overall, the night was quite enjoyable.  For those who do not enjoy dancing, simply listening to Over the Top and eating the delicious food merit going if you get the chance. The night ended with surprise birthday wishes for fellow Pace student and good friend of Jessica’s, Silvana Vitiello, who was nice enough to share her birthday cake with everyone!