Pilates Workshop

The aerobics room located in the Goldstein Fitness Center is where Honors College students gathered on April 21, 2011 for their Pilates class.  This event introduces  students to the art of Pilates at a beginner level. 

Pilates is a great form of exercise to enhance flexibility and strengthen one’s muscles, especially the core.  The timing of this event is perfect as final exams and projects are right around the corner and students are beginning to feel the pressure.  Pilates allows students to relax and relieve some stress in a constructive, healthy manner.

The class was led by Professor Laurice Nemetz, who has been a frequent contributor to the Honors College.  She has taught past Honors College courses, and most students see her at least once a semester for an exercise class hosted by the Honors College.
Prof. Nemetz emphasized the importance of the technique used during Pilates.  The correct positioning and form of breathing is essential to exercise the appropriate muscles.  Like Yoga, Pilates requires good balance, but is more intense in that the practitioner gets more of a workout.  Even the breathing is different as students had to breathe deeply and almost perform a whistling sound when exhaling.  The reason for this is because it helps to further exercise the core muscles.

Some of the movements that Prof. Nemetz showed the students caused them to groan--and say such movements were impossible for them to perform.  Luckily, there were alternative movements that were easier, but still provided the same workout.
After performing several beginner exercises, some of which felt much more difficult than just an introductory version, students were sweating and feeling the “burn.”  Certain movements required the students to pair up with a neighbor.  So then, not only did Pilates give them a workout, but it allowed some new friends to be made along the way.