James Gisondi

Valhalla, New York native, James Gisondi, is a senior and management major with a concentration in Human Resources Management.  After graduation, James plans to pursue a Masters degree in Human Resources Management at Pace Graduate School.  He is also considering a law degree at some point during his education.  James is one of the student managers of the Pace Perk Café on the Briarcliff campus and has worked there since its opening in April of 2010.                 

James’ favorite Pace memory was organizing a Haiti benefit concert for my Civic Engagement class in March of 2010.  James played in the concert with his band and was joined by other talents. “It was really nice to organize and participate in something that turned out to be very successful,” he says,  “ We raised over 500 dollars to donate to the Salvation Army after the earthquake in Haiti.”

James also recognized that being a member of the Honors College has truly enhanced his Pace experience.  “Honors has kept me working hard to maintain my GPA, not just because it was required, but because I realized that I was getting a much better learning experience when I took my classes more seriously.”  His hard work has made him apply for graduate school at Pace and is looking forward to making a good future for himself with the help of “the awesome faculty and Honors College” that has helped him thus far. 

James has participated in many Honors College events including the ASPCA Presentation, the Honors College Open Meetings, the Honors Writing Contest, the Trip to the United Nations, the Hunger Banquet, and the Wrapping Gifts for Underprivileged Children event.

His advice to first-year Honors students is that college continues to get better through time spent in Honors.  Having a community of faculty and students to turn to and the combination of Pace and Honors College services will keep students from being overwhelmed. James also recommends taking classes outside of your major study and concentration I order to gain a well-rounded academic experience. Absorbing more than a limited field of study will even help you learn more about yourself.