Jacki Munson

                  Most Education majors have a busy schedule with student teaching and their classes.  Imagine playing a collegiate sport while handling the already heavy workload associated with this major.  Honors College student Jacki Munson does just that. 

                  The Adolescent Education and Mathematics major is a part of the combined degree program here at Pace.  Upon her completion of the program, she will have earned two Bachelor’s degrees, one in Adolescent Education and one in Mathematics, and a Master’s in Special Education.
The 22-year-old has played for the team all four years of her college career without missing a beat.  If playing soccer, going to school, and student teaching was not enough, Jacki also works on campus as a part of Ed Media where she displays her technical know-how. 

                  Jacki does all of this while continuing to meet all the requirements of the Honors College, including the mandatory attendance at two Honors College events.  Jacki does not mind this, though, because she feels the best aspect of the Honors College is the events that are held every semester.  Her favorite event is the Decorating the Pleasantville Cottage School for the Holidays. 

                  Jacki decided to attend Pace for several reasons.  One was because she wanted to continue her passion for soccer; being able to play in college was an important factor when choosing schools.  She was also well aware of the strong academics that Pace University offers.  The fact that Pace was not too far from her hometown of Cornwall, New York, also persuaded her to attend.

                  Completing her four years of eligibility in soccer while maintaining her scholastic excellence is Jacki’s proudest accomplishment here at Pace.  She states, “Being able to play my sport and do well in school was really important for me.”

                  Jacki attributes her success to allowing herself to enjoy all of her commitments.  She offers the advice, “Have fun with what you are doing.”  It is difficult to perform at a high level if you are not participating in things you truly care about.

                  After leaving Pace, Jacki plans to be a middle school teacher of Mathematics,  ideally in the Westchester or Orange County areas.