Honors Awards Dinner

               Friday, May 4, Graduating Honors seniors, families, and friends gathered in Wilcox Gym to recognize and commend the graduating class of 2012. The Pforzheimer Honors College Class of 2012 consists of seventy-nine young men and women who have displayed honorable dedication to academia and scholarship.

              Wilcox gym was redecorated and transformed into a dinning room for over one-hundred-and-fifty guests. Graduates and their company enjoyed a sit-down dinner, followed by chocolate fondue for dessert in a pleasant setting to honor the successful students who have made a commitment and succeeded in completing all of the requirements to graduate from both Pace University and the Pforzheimer Honors College.

              To begin the ceremony, the President of Pace University, Stephen J. Friedman, gave a lovely speech to the graduating class recognizing their hard work and success over the past four years and wishing them luck with all their endeavors in the future, noting that these young women and men would be some of the leaders of the country in the near future. After his speech, the President joined the other guests for dinner and Director of the Honors College, Dr. Janetta Rebold Benton took over the floor.

              After everyone finished their dessert, Dr. Benton recognized seniors individually. At this time the graduates came up to the stage and received their Honors College Certificates from Dr. Benton and their Honors College Medallions from Senior Academic Advisor of the Honors College, Prof. Christopher Walther. The medallion is to denote the accomplishment of completing the Honors College and to wear at graduation on May 11th.

              When everyone had received their certificates and medallions, and congratulations, the graduates migrated outside to take the traditional graduating class photo.  Accompanied by both Dr. Benton and Professor Walther, all the seniors posed for photos taken by family and friends in celebration of their achievements.

              On behalf of the Honors College and the entire Pace community, we congratulate the graduating class of 2012! These students have shown nothing less then academic excellence and tremendous effort over the past four years. We wish them the best of luck in all of their adventures upon departing from Pace and entering the world. Whether continuing their education elsewhere or entering the work force, we have the utmost confidence that they will be successful in all they strive to achieve in the future. Once again, remarkable job and congratulations to the Class of 2012! You did it!